Clever way to engage your brokers

Foodservice Enabers’ sales portal is another great touchpoint to advertise your involvement in Foodservice Rewards…


Here’s a great example of how to remind your brokers which products qualify via Food Service Enablers‘ sales portal. If you use their system, please contact us to have your products highlighted with our iconic fork, spoon, knife logo.

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Everyone talks about “value-added” but…

“While everyone talks about “value-added” and engaging the customer, your program and the terrific staff…” writes Executive Chef Jonathan Cheatham

August 25, 2009

Dear Foodservice Rewards,

I wanted to let you know what a great program Foodservice Rewards really is. In the six years that I have participated I have entertained my family, repaired my house, maintained my yard and recorded memories all with products from the program. And I was able to do this by simply buying the quality products that I need for my daily operation.

While everyone talks about “value-added” and engaging the customer, your program and the terrific staff that runs it definitely sets the standards for others to aspire to. Thanks again for your efforts and I look forward to many more years of a truly rewarding experience.


Jonathan Cheatham
Executive Chef, Proof of the Pudding Catering, Duluth GA.


Lisa Snider – finally poached from Penton!

After 9 1/2 years selling dead-tree advertising, Lisa Snider finally joins the 21st century…

lisa_giradelli_photoAfter 8 years of trying recruit her, we’re thrilled to finally introduce Lisa Snider, Director – Foodservice Rewards. Lisa has spent her career in the foodservice industry working in marketing for companies such as Campbell’s and Nestle. And, for the past 9 1/2 years, Lisa has helped manufacturers connect with the operator community as Western Advertising Director for Restaurant Hospitality and Food Management magazines.

But as the era of dead-tree advertising draws to a close (she’s going to kill me for writing this :-) Lisa’s bringing her talents to the gowing world of measurable online interactions and two-way dialogue with customers. Welcome Lisa!


Lisa Snider, Business Development Director

What’s up with the new Foodservice Rewards gal?

big_head_lisaWhat do you do for Coalition Marketing?

Having started in August 2009, I joined to help convert more believers (sponsors) into participating in the Foodservice Rewards Program

What did you want to “be when you grow up”?

Coming from a family of educators, I wanted to be a teacher

What was your first job/worst job?

My first job was at a dry cleaner.  My worst job was at a bakery.  I did not like the hard physical labor of the back-of-the-house clean-up

What’s your most guilty pleasure?

I have to choose one?  Chick Flicks, Romantic Novels, Musicals, and Champagne…not necessarily in that order

Words or Phrases that you overuse?

“Dude”! But, I’m from California so it’s expected :-)


Sunrise @ Fisherman’s Wharf in…

Sunrise @ Fisherman’s Wharf in SF – see the yellow reward codes on Mrs. Fridays cases in the foreground?

Sunrise @ Fisherman’s Wharf in SF – see the yellow reward codes on Mrs. Fridays cases in the foreground?


When They’re Bidding on Craig’s List…

When Operators are requesting them via Craig’s List, you know FSR reward codes have motivational power…

CraigslistReward Codes achieve a certain status as a legitimate motivational currency when people are bidding for them (as they do for frequent flyer miles) on eBay & Craig’s List.

Unfortunately for operators like this one, It’s now all too easy with tools like google alerts to spot them, contact them and gently warn them or close their accounts for breaching the program’s terms & conditions.


30,000 Incremental Cases, Wow

We tiered the promotions based on past redemption history so that we would pay out for incremental purchases…

lent_promotionTracking operators’ purchase history is the best way to set appropriate stretch goals to help them grow their volume during key selling periods.

Carla Dougherty, Sr. Director of Marketing, King & Prince Seafood writes:

“One of the best things about Foodservice Rewards is that every promotion is so measurable. During a recent tiered-payout promotion we moved over 30,000 incremental cases in just 90 days.

Coalition Manager Sandy Younger tiered the promotions based on past redemption history so that it would pay out for incremental purchases. “We treated each group separately and each had their own offer/purchase requirements. In addition we honed in on your highest penetrated segments.” Nice work, all.

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ConAgra Operator Success DSR Incentive(?)

ConAgra’s solo DSR incentive effort lacks critical success factors…

ConAgra Operator Success DSR incentive program? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery… In this enrollment form, you’ll find ConAgra using the “earn 10% of your operators’ quarterly redemptions” principle that drives success in the Foodservice Rewards distributor incentive program. However, it lacks three critical success factors:

1) Lack of earning power: When DSR’s represent thousands of brands but can only earn from a handful from ConAgra vs. hundreds of brands from the FSR coalition, the promise of “unlimited earning potential” rings a little hollow…

2) Newly enrolled operators only: One can empathize with ConAgra’s desire to only drive incrementality – but there are better ways of doing it without alienating reps – for example, setting a base override of 10%, but adding the functionality to change that percentage during focus selling periods.

3) No Reach/Reach Vehicles: How many DSR’s can one realistically expect their brokers to enroll? And why not ask for an email address on the form so one can cost effectively promote program updates? How about a cell phone number to text updates?

Sponsors, we have YOU to thank for helping us build those innovations (and more to be announced at the Sept. 23rd/24th Sponsor meeting) into our program. As a result of focus on the participant, the Foodservice Rewards DSR incentive has now attracted over 400 houses and 3,000+ DSR’s.


May’s DSR All-Stars™

May’s DSR All-Stars™ report: “I’ll continue to promote it because it’s been good for my business!”

Congratulations to John C. from Philadelphia, PA (City of Brotherly Love) AND Mike R. from International Falls, MN (Icebox of the Nation). They both enrolled the most new operators in the month of May, and both have been crowned “DSR All-Stars” and been recognized in this month’s DSR Newsletter.

John C. stepped out from the shadow of the Rocky statue, long enough to tell us what he thought of Foodservice Rewards: “It really is a great way to help sell specific items. There is no downside. I have been very happy with the program and my customers are very impressed.”

Meanwhile, while dodging moose, Mike R. was grateful enough to add: “I explain to (my customers) that it’s free money just waiting for them. Thank you for a great program, I’ll continue to promote it because it’s been good for my business!”


Salt, Pepper and a Snuggie

Salt and Pepper Shakers and a Snuggie mark the 1st redemptions in the Australasian Foodservice Rewards programme…

ella_auckland_fsrWhile on vacation in Auckland, NZ, my daughter spotted these reward codes in a local cafe.

There are now over 1,000 active participants enrolled in the Australia/New Zealand program, which is already 20% of the first year goal set by the FSR AU team. There have also been an impressive 5 million Reward Codes ordered and 20,000 Reward Codes redeemed.

And what where the first merchandise redemptions, you ask? The answer…Salt and Pepper shakers and a Snuggie! (Well, it is winter Down Under.)

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