FSR Participant Site Improvements

The technical team has added improvements to Foodservicerewards.com

The latest Foodservice Rewards release (Release 29) officially launched last Friday. Below is a summary of the development items that were included.

FSR Participant Site ‘Remember’ Me feature:
The FSR Participant Site now has a ‘Remember Me’ feature on the login page. Members can store their user id and password (masked) so they don’t have to manually type them in each time they access the site.  In addition to this change, we have updated our encryptions standards to comply with BI Worldwide’s corporate security policy. Passwords and all other secure information is now encrypted using a one-way encryption. Password can no longer be decrypted by anyone, including the technical team.

"Remember Me" Feature

FSR Modal Window Advertisement for Mobile App: We added an informational page to the FSR participant site that promotes the mobile app. The page can be accessed via the Enter Reward Codes page.

FSR Contact Us Page Available to Not Logged in Members: The Contact Us page is now available to members who are not logged into the participant site. It was added to the login page, learn more page, and enrollment pages. Members have access to web chat, email customer service, call program headquarters, and read the FAQ’s without being logged in.

Data Summarization: This item is included in Release 29, but has yet to be launched. In efforts to decrease the enormous volume of data that is being stored in our databases, we are summarizing transactions that are over 3 years old. This is about 7 years’ worth of data and millions and millions of transactions. This will not impact participants in any way and  we will still have reporting and promotion capability as we do today. Once we officially launch this item, more detail will be provided at that time.

Ron Marfori

Senior Project Manager | Coalition Marketing





Leaky Bucket Reminder to Prospects

Attention grabbing bucket…


Are Operators Leaking out of your Sales Bucket?  This delicious bucket was mailed to several sponsor prospects in January to re-engage the discussion and re-enforce the benefits to participation in Foodservice Rewards.  The mailing garnered great attention based upon the feedback received in follow-up calls.


Emily Bush – Foodservice Rewards Program Consultant Team Lead

Emily leads our call center team and the Garth Brooks fan club within BIW…

How long have you been with BI?

I started in 2011 –  About a year and a half now.

What do you do for Coalition Marketing?

I am the Team Lead for our team of 16 outbound call reps, who try to engage operators and encourage them to enter their codes.  I also help with setting up new promotions and marketing materials in hopes to get more yellow stickers entered!

What did you want to ”be when you grow up”?

I wanted to be an astronaut so bad, and still think it would be cool!

What was your first concert?

Garth Brooks- I am still his biggest fan.

What’s your most prized possession?

I would probably have to say my country music CD collection.  I am a country music fanatic!



Kacie Wertheimer, Account Manager

Foodservice Rewards welcomes Kacie Wertheimer to the Account Team…






How long have you been with BI?

Since August 2011.  I joined as part of the Foodservice Rewards Program Consultant Team and spoke with foodservice operators everyday.

What do you do for Coalition Marketing?

I assist Foodservice Rewards sponsors with  program delivery and support,
as well as product set up.

What was your first job/worst job?

My worst job was working in a factory for a summer. It was long hours in a
stuffy factory but it helped me save for college!

What did you want to ”be when you grow up”?

A guidance counselor at an elementary school.

What’s your most prized possession?

My family.


Brew City Sweepstakes Winner!

Nebraska retirement community excited to win 100,000 points in Brew City Sweepstakes Promotion!

“Thanks so much for the 100,000 points I received from the Brew City Sweepstakes.  I am SO excited!  You have the very best onion rings!

Our facility houses 67 residents and they love it when I put onion rings on the menu. We also use a variety of your products and have always enjoyed the flavors and the consistency in your products.

I have used the points to purchase a Gateway notebook and a tablet which will, be used in our facility as well as for my (own) use. I often do work from home and use my own computer for this and now I will be able to use these items in both my work environment and home. I can truly tell you I have never won anything before and I can’t express my thanks enough.”

Cindy Little

Director of Foodservice

Paddock Kesington

Beatrice NE


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Rewards Program Consultant Team

Our Rewards Consultants love to talk to Foodservice Operators…

Foodservice Rewards has a dedicated seventeen member team in Minneapolis that call operators to verify their enrollment details.   However, their key focus is to reach out to operators to retain engagement and participation.  So, if an operator hasn’t entered a reward code in awhile, then they can expect to hear from a member of the Foodservice Rewards team to find out why.

Because this team really understands Foodservice Rewards and foodservice operators, our manufacturer partners also tap into their expertise for outbound calling needs including Most Valuable Operators, Surveys, New Product launches and Promotions.

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Partnership with Anything4Restaurants.com

Foodservice Rewards partners with Anything4restaurants for additional web impressions…

Foodservice Rewards has partnered with Anything4Restaurants.com to help promote new membership and engagement.  The website is visited by foodservice professionals sourcing products and distribution.  Foodservice Rewards currently has advertising exposure on the rotating storytool (photo below) as well as the promotions tab on the left rail.


Sysco Driver Tweets his FSR Approval

Sysco customers love FSR according to driver tweet!

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Foodservice Rewards Elite Operator Program – Update

Foodservice Rewards Elite Members enjoy MORE Privileges!

The Elite Operator Program is designed to recognize and reward Foodservice Reward’s “Most Valuable Operators”…or the 13% of the annual engaged member base, that contributes 57% of all cases redeemed.

To Quality Foodservice Rewards Members must:

  • Redeem at least 360 Cases
  • From at least 5 Brands
  • And Participate in at least 2 Promotions

In 2013, all Foodservice Rewards communications will specify that the member is Elite and will re-enforce their new special privileges including:

  • Bonus Point Offers – Anniversary, Birthday, Trade Shows,  Higher Refer and Earn
  • Event Ticket Club
  • Air and Hotel redemption
  • Free mail-in code option
  • Special Events
  • More Redemption Options – Experiences
    – Hot Air, Concerts, SPA, Races, Skydiving, Guided City Tours,  Sailing and 1,800 other options!
  • Special Sale Items
  • Personal Shopper

It pays to be an Elite Operator within Foodservice Rewards!


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New Print Ad & Foodservice Rewards Communications

Easy Math Campaign for operator engagement and new enrollments…

The “Sticker Shock” ad and associated communications ran for three years.  This year, Marty Malley, Marketing Director, tested four new concepts with operators and the result is the new ad below – Aptly named “EASY MATH”.  The campaign will cut across all operator communications re-enforcing the key messaging:

  1. The program is FREE
  2. It is EASY to enter codes
  3. There are Multiple Sponsors and Brands
  4. There are Thousands of Rewards to Choose From

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