The foodservice market is mature. Pressure continues from distributors to investment spend in their “marketing” programs with limited deliverables on sales growth or transaction/customer information sharing.  Manufacturers should be investing to reach operators directly and participation in Foodservice Rewards provides a targeted and measurable vehicle to learn who your customers are and what they are purchasing.   Yet, advertising can still be a powerful part of a marketing mix for driving awareness and ultimately sales to the end-user operator.  Foodservice Rewards benchmarked initial awareness and usage of the program using an add-on question to a traditional ad study survey through Food Management & Restaurant Hospitality magazines in January and February of 2010.   After a mere four ads were run in each publication as a supplement our existing marketing efforts, the awareness and usage reported in the August benchmark studies for both magazines was measurably higher.  Click links for actuals.  Benchmark Jan-Aug FM 2010 Benchmark Feb-Aug RH 2010