90-day Rule determines – REAL NEW Business

90-day rule eliminates any “new members” from “new buyer” count…

Foodservice Rewards has over 120,000 active operators members in North America.   These operators LOVE earning points from the program and collect the bright yellow “reward stickers” from all the participating brands they purchase.

For new sponsors, we use a minimum of six months to ramp-up to a baseline of redemptions before considering promotions to drive “new business” since it takes some time for labeled product to work its way through the supply chain.

For new operator members, we use the “90-day rule”.   We know that 95% of new Foodservice Rewards enrollees enter their reward codes within the first month.  So, if a new member was already purchasing a sponsor’s product, then we know with a high degree of certainty that the reward code will be entered within the first 90-days.   When running “new buyer” promotions, the Foodservice Rewards team usually removes new enrollees that redeem within the first 90-days of their membership.   Relatively new members that redeem reward codes beyond the initial 90-day period are considered new buyers to sponsors they redeem from.

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Monthly Sales Dashboards

This report is a goldmine!

Sponsor sales teams are  now receiving a monthly one page dashboard that details their top new buyers, top lapsed buyers, and remaining sales opportunities by segment within Foodservice Rewards.  This report was designed to provide topline and timely data usable by sales, without overwhelming them with too much information.

Here’s what Drew Dozier of Advance Pierre says about the new sales dashboard…”This monthly report is a goldmine and will be followed up on!  The operator data is as close to being transactional as we can get and therefore, we must stay on top of lost redeemers to understand the situations”.

Mike Villano, VP Sales and Marketing, with Basic American Foods concurs. “Thanks for sharing this information.  It helps focus the team on the larger opportunities and points out some potential big gaps in volume.”

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“Moneyball” and Foodservice

Leveraging customer data is a potential “game changer” for foodservice marketing.

Check out the movie “Moneyball” or better yet pick up a copy of the book.

When you see the movie or read the book consider the following:

  • Baseball in analogous to the Foodservice industry
  • Players are the Customers
  • Scouts are the Sales guys
  • Player selection is like customer selection.

The current system used to choose players or customers is inefficient. Buying “wins” with player selection is like buying “volume” with customer selection. The key to winning is to acquire players or customers more efficiently than the competition (and with limited resources).

This scene from the movie makes the point: “Moneyball” Trailer

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