3rd Annual Free & Easy Party

Loads of fun, Thousands of points

Caricature Fun

Terry Waltersdorft, Faith Baptist Bible College - 50K Point Winner







The 3rd annual Free & Easy Party during the NACUFS conference was enjoyed by all attendees.  It’s provided a great opportunity for Rich’s, Neil Jones Food Company, and King & Prince Seafood to network and meet some of their college supporters.   Along with a terrific meal at Crave, operators enjoyed live music, a caricature artist, and winning thousands and thousands of points!


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Monthly Sales Dashboards

This report is a goldmine!

Sponsor sales teams are  now receiving a monthly one page dashboard that details their top new buyers, top lapsed buyers, and remaining sales opportunities by segment within Foodservice Rewards.  This report was designed to provide topline and timely data usable by sales, without overwhelming them with too much information.

Here’s what Drew Dozier of Advance Pierre says about the new sales dashboard…”This monthly report is a goldmine and will be followed up on!  The operator data is as close to being transactional as we can get and therefore, we must stay on top of lost redeemers to understand the situations”.

Mike Villano, VP Sales and Marketing, with Basic American Foods concurs. “Thanks for sharing this information.  It helps focus the team on the larger opportunities and points out some potential big gaps in volume.”

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ConAgra Operator Success DSR Incentive(?)

ConAgra’s solo DSR incentive effort lacks critical success factors…

ConAgra Operator Success DSR incentive program? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery… In this enrollment form, you’ll find ConAgra using the “earn 10% of your operators’ quarterly redemptions” principle that drives success in the Foodservice Rewards distributor incentive program. However, it lacks three critical success factors:

1) Lack of earning power: When DSR’s represent thousands of brands but can only earn from a handful from ConAgra vs. hundreds of brands from the FSR coalition, the promise of “unlimited earning potential” rings a little hollow…

2) Newly enrolled operators only: One can empathize with ConAgra’s desire to only drive incrementality – but there are better ways of doing it without alienating reps – for example, setting a base override of 10%, but adding the functionality to change that percentage during focus selling periods.

3) No Reach/Reach Vehicles: How many DSR’s can one realistically expect their brokers to enroll? And why not ask for an email address on the form so one can cost effectively promote program updates? How about a cell phone number to text updates?

Sponsors, we have YOU to thank for helping us build those innovations (and more to be announced at the Sept. 23rd/24th Sponsor meeting) into our program. As a result of focus on the participant, the Foodservice Rewards DSR incentive has now attracted over 400 houses and 3,000+ DSR’s.


Will We Ever Achieve Data Transparency?

Lack of data synchronization continues to plague the foodservice industry with the demise of EFR (efficient foodservice response)…

Here’s an important industry article describing the demise of EFR (Efficient Foodservice Response) as the initiative to synchronize Foodservice Data and highlighting potential successors.

Until new solutions arrive, here’s how Foodservice Rewards helps fill the void:

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Culinary Sweepstakes Giveaway Results

“It’s certainly a successful and very measurable promotion” writes Bill McCullough, Director of Marketing, Bunge Oils…

From: Bill McCullough
Sent: Tuesday, April 15, 2008 2:38 PM
Subject: Re: Thank you card

bunge_sweeps_winner.jpgPlease see the attached thank you card sent to Charlie and Newman. Chef Ortiz thanks the Bunge Chefs’ efforts entertaining our recent sweepstakes winners in Chicago. Thanks again for everyone’s help pulling off another successful Foodservice Rewards Promotion. One down and more to come!

As a quick update, we obtained 386 new customers via the “Culinary Sweepstakes” promotion (NCNT and ANT) and as of yesterday we have secured an additional 180 New customers (NCNT and PNFT) since March 1st who are attempting to qualify for our “NRA Cubs Game and Brunch Sweepstakes”.

That’s over 500 new customers this year all purchasing our premium frying oils! It’s certainly a successful and very measurable promotion. Keep in mind, we are only scratching the surface. Thanks again for all of you efforts! More to come…

Bill McCullough
Director of Marketing, Bunge Oils

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“We Were Up And Running In Four Months”

“We were up and running in under four months” shares Hans Khote, Marketing Manager, Basic American Foods in this video testimonial…

Foodservice Rewards’ subject matter experts are committed to helping you enjoy a smooth launch as evidenced in this testimonial by Hans Khote, Marketing Manager, Basic American Foods:

Our parent company, BI, is a Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award recipient in the service category, which means you’ll find that quality processes are embedded in our corporate DNA.

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Safety Has Its Own Rewards

“The response has been great” Writes Zac Robinson, DayMark Marketing and Sales Support. “A couple of our reps have already said offering the program has helped increase their average orders…some from orders that would have been less than $100 to over $200.”

daymark.gif Monday the 18th, DayMark Safety Systems officially began participating in Foodservice Rewards.

DayMark is the number one manufacturer of food rotation labels and a leader in personal and food safety systems.

DayMark’s business model is different from many of the FSR sponsors as much of their business is done through traditional distribution, but they also have dedicated telesales reps who work directly with many operators. These direct orders typically involve multiple products packed together and shipped to the operators. Because of the nature of their business, DayMark has an unusual and creative approach to the program.

Operators are rewarded for meeting minimum dollar volumes on their purchases: The higher the purchase amount the more points an operator can earn. They are only two days into the program but we already received the following e-mail from Zac Robinson, DayMark Marketing and Sales Support:

“Hi…after one day the response has been great. A couple of our reps have already said offering the program has helped increase their average orders…some from orders that would have been less than $100 to over $200.”

By increasing their order size DayMark hopes to drive additional top-line revenue, but also expects to increase their bottom line through reduced shipping and processing expenses.

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A Sweet Addition

Cadbury’s venerable hot chocolate joins Foodservice Rewards UK…

cadbury logoCadbury’s is the latest addition to the award-winning Foodservice Rewards loyalty program for caterers now in its third year of operation in the UK.

Fin Coffey, Sales Director – Out of Home, Cadbury Trebor Bassett says:

“In joining Foodservice Rewards we have gained visibility to the buyer of the product for the first time. This kind of market intelligence is invaluable as it gives us the opportunity to communicate with new and lapsed customers, and expose them to the Cadbury’s Hot Chocolate brand.

As members of the Foodservice Rewards coalition we can communicate with thousands of individual caterers rewarding them for their loyalty and for using the brand leader. In addition, the more widely used Cadbury’s Hot Chocolate becomes on caterers’ menus, the more exposure we get to a whole new audience of buyers.

In this way Foodservice rewards gives us the possibility to expand our sales and customer base.

Here’s some nice coverage in The Publican, a leading UK trade magazine.

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International expansion continues

“I could not have asked for a better presentation by your team or active engagement by my counterparts” enthuses Patrick Moloughney of P&G

Many of you will remember Patrick Moloughney of Proctor & Gamble (center, flanked by Alan Gray and Nicole Thinnes of our UK office) from his days as our Sponsor contact. In his new role, he’s been tasked with identifying initiatives within P&G Professional producing the highest ROI and sharing them globally – and last week we presented program results to his colleagues in Geneva.

His assement: “I’m thrilled the meeting went as well as it did given some of the initial skepticism from my counterparts going into it. I could not have asked for a better presentation by your team or active engagement by my counterparts during the meeting. There was clear excitement in the room and an overall desire to move this forward ASAP!”

We also received an equally enthusiastic response from Kraft Foodservice about a program roll out in Germany. This is due in large part to support from Rolf Schmidt, CEO of International Business Development for CHD-Expert, (pictured right with Indra Bammann, Assistant European Business Development) whose firm enjoys a long-standing relationship there. In Europe, CHD-Expert is the foodservice database market leader producing insights through operator surveys, telemarketing and data cleansing.

If you have not yet discovered CHD’s foodservice list sourcing and analysis services, I suggest you contact Paul Hagege, General Manager, in the USA at (312) 506-3851 to schedule a meeting.

Paul recently opened their U.S. office through a partnership with Technomic and in a matter of nine months has built an operator database from 50 public and proprietary sources that is more robust than NPD‘s. We’ll be working with them to append their supplemental data to the FSR database and generate “most likely customer” models for sponsors and to expand FSR’s membership.

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Fear of labeling? “Move past that!”

According to Schwan’s supply chain specialists “The labels are easy to handle, store and very easy to apply to products. If the labeling process is keeping anyone from becoming a Sponsor…”

“The process that has been set up for ordering the Reward Code Labels has made it extremely easy to do. The labels are easy to handle, store and very easy to apply to products. If the labeling process is keeping anyone from becoming a Sponsor in Foodservice Rewards, move past that! It’s easy from the get go!”

Patsy Cobb, Supply Chain Specialist 4
Schwan’s Global Supply Chain, Inc.
Purchasing Department

Should your supply chain managers have questions about the labeling process, here are several helpful fact sheets: Labeling Scenarios, Label Specifications, Roll Sizes and Order Processing.

In addition, these fact sheets describe available Label Applicator Consulting and common Manual Label Applicator Models.


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