In our deli, we only use Hellman’s Mayo

“We appreciate the fact that Unilever does the best it can through discounts and Foodservice Rewards promotions” writes Deborah Richardson…

Our family has owned Leo’s Market & Deli for the last 27 years.

We are located in Claremont N.H. and make all our own food from scratch. Some of the items are Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad, Cole Slaw, Chicken & Rice Salad, and Seafood Salad. In our deli, we only use Hellman’s Mayo. We have tried other mayo in an effort to reduce the cost. We have found that the competition is just not able to match the rich creamy taste of Hellman’s Extra Heavy mayo. We have also let our customers do a taste test with the other mayo companies and they also prefer Hellman’s. Even though it raises the cost of our product our customers also agree that it is well worth it.

We appreciate the fact that Unilever does the best it can through discounts and Foodservice Rewards promotions to lower its cost to us.

Deborah Richardson
Leo’s Deli
Claremont NH

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Balancing purchasing, compliance, and cost

A chef is always balancing purchasing, compliance, and cost control. Your food supplier rep. is trying to sell you on their “house “ brand of a certain item…

I got turned on to Foodservice Rewards several years ago while working a seasonal chef gig at Raymond James Stadium, home of the NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers. One of my fellow chefs had a pile of these yellow Foodservice Rewards stickers in his knife box and I asked him what were they and why did he collect them. Well he told me all the “Good Stuff” he had received from redeeming the stickers.

When the season finished, I moved on to an Executive Chef position with Doubletree Hotels & Suites. I was able to further my knowledge of the allure of Foodservice Rewards by visiting the website and learning about all the amazing products that are involved with the program. I also contacted my sales rep. from Sysco and several food brokers to gather more information.

I compared the “” brands list with my corporate product compliance program and saw numerous opportunities in front of me. I can purchase the necessary products to meet purchasing compliance, run a good food cost, and receive Foodservice Reward as a bonus. The amount of brands and sponsors for food, cleaning products, and services gives a chef many options and selections for purchasing.

A chef is always balancing purchasing, compliance, and cost control. Your food supplier rep. is trying to sell you on their “house “ brand of a certain item. They talk up the benefits of purchasing a “no-name” item versus a national name brand. They do not always tell you that it’s their job to push the “house” brand for their sales contests or job compliance. BUT, when you weigh the benefits of a name brand product plus the benefits of Foodservice Rewards, it just makes sense to go with the quality choice of the selected sponsors and their brands.

The new website is great and so is the variety of rewards you can redeem your points for. I also enjoy the FSR Community and have joined several discussion groups.

Richard Ellman Chef
DNC Sport Service


Over 1,200 Gallons of Mayo Each Year!

How else would you have found this mom ‘n pop shop that uses over 1,200 gallons of mayo each year?

I own a small mom and pop corner store in Springfield, PA, that has been a family owned business for 54 years. We sell hoagies, steaks, and a lot of specialty sandwiches but we are famous for our delicious homemade Potato Salad only made with real Hellmans mayonnaise.

We sell over 25,000 lbs. of our Potato Salad and use over 1200 gallons of mayo each year. The Hellmans Extra Heavy Mayo is a main ingredient we use to make our Potato Salad, which is an item in the foodservice rewards program. I joined the foodservice rewards program about one year ago and I am just about to meet my goal.

I think the program is great because I am already purchasing the products that are part of the rewards program and I get to receive free gifts in return. Every week I get excited to place my next food order so I can collect the rewards points that get me closer to achieving my goal. I finally feel like I am getting something back instead of buying, buying, buying.

It is very easy to enter the rewards codes online and it only takes a couple minutes out of my day. I have referred friends in the food business to this fantastic program and will continue to do so.

Erin Gruwell
Sleepy Hollow Delly
Springfield, PA


Points “Left” in Christmas Stocking

Sunrise Manor uses the left/right game to award staff during the holidays…

I want to tell you what a great job everyone at Food Service Rewards is doing. It is so rare to get awesome customer service dealing with vendors you have to pay, let alone a service that gives you things without payment.

I use most of my points for the Christmas party.  We play the “left/right game”.  I write the total number of points on a gift tag, then place it inside of a Christmas stocking. At the end of the left/right story, the person holding the stocking wins the points. The winner this year looked through the online catalog and ordered a GPS. I simply changed the shipping address and it was delivered right to her home. We always have the Christmas party in early December to allow the winner to use the points for gifts.

Currently, our kitchen radio is on its last legs. We have enough points to get a new one and I will be ordering soon.  All the offers for points on surveys, rebates, etc…makes accumulating points a lot faster!

Beverly Horrighs
 Dietary Manager
 Sunrise Manor
 Virden IL


Bowdoin Dining helps Families in Need

Thank you Foodservice Rewards for helping us to help a member of our extended families & make a difference in their lives …

I have worked for the Bowdoin College Dining service for 10 years as head baker.  The first Christmas that I was here, the department sponsored a family from the Salvation Army which eventually evolved into having a silent auction to raise money for our Christmas family.  Everyone had items that they wanted to donate.  Now all we needed was a ringer.  My mind immediately went to the little yellow tags that came on certain products that said “foodservice rewards” on them.  I went on the website and there were lots of “ringers!”  I saw digital cameras, ipods, stereos, grills, jewelry and many other items that would be desirable to folks participating in the auction.  The first year we did not start to collect points until March, but we did manage to scrape enough points together to redeem a Brinkman smoker.  There was quite a buzz about the silent auction.   The smoker became a contested item between a few of the Bowdoin chefs. It finally sold for $85.00. When we were done with our auction that year, we had raised just over $800.00! We had plenty of money for everything we needed.

This past year we raised about $1,200.00 and were able to help two families.   We got a nice handwritten note from one of the families with a newborn that explained that her husband had lost his job due to “economic downsizing.”   She said they visit the food bank, but sometimes still she comes up short.  It was the first time in ages that both she and her husband had their own shampoo and toiletry items, plus numerous items for the baby.  She said she could never ever thank us enough for what we had done for them.  It felt great to read that letter and to know that we had found the true spirit of Christmas. It made me feel good about all the work that goes into the auction. We have lots of items, but the item that always creates the most “BUZZ” is the one we get from the rewards program. It stirs up comraderie among the team as they vie to outbid one another.  Both kitchens gladly give us the rewards tags knowing that we are helping a family in our area.

Thank you Foodservice Rewards for helping us to help a member of our extended families and to make a difference in their lives.  This has come to be my favorite part of the holidays!

Joanne Adams, Head Baker
Bowdoin College Dining Service


“The best part of getting my orders”

I tell my SYSCO representative all the time that Foodservice Rewards is the best part of getting my orders in each week…


I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how happy I am that I discovered Foodservice Rewards…it’s like finding money!!! The program is so easy and I am very dedicated in collecting my stickers and submitting them because I know how much my employees enjoy getting the rewards. I faithfully submit my stickers all year long and come November I get to go shopping for my employees. It’s so much fun and the best part is it is absolutely free.

Last year, Foodservice Rewards was the hit of our employee Christmas party when one lucky employee got to walk away with a Nintendo Wii! The owners of University Bowl are amazed at how much I am able to do for the employees without it costing the company a single penny.

I tell my SYSCO representative all the time that Foodservice Rewards is the best part of getting my orders in each week. I get great products, at a good price AND my employees get rewarded…what more could I ask for. The program absolutely has no downside…it’s easy, it’s rewarding and it’s FREE…one of the BEST programs around!

Thanks for always being so helpful and most of all, thanks for Foodservice Rewards!

Kind regards,

Dottie San Martin
General Manager
University Bowl
San Antonio TX


IFMA Silver Plate Winner Awards Staff During Holidays

Ron Rech directs the foodservice operations at Resurrection Medical Center in Chicago which serves over 1.2 million meals system-wide each year AND he is a Foodservice Rewards fan!

Ron Rech, Director of Food & Nutrition Services

Here’s what Ron has to say…”As all of us know, food service workers work extremely hard in the daily preparation of meal service for all of the patients, staff and catered events we serve to our customers.  To help us recognize our employees, we use Food Service Rewards yellow tag coupons to help us buy numerous types of gifts for our employees.”

“We gather up all of our food service rewards coupons yearly and at Christmastime are able to purchase many useful items for our staff, which are then raffled off at our staff Christmas party.  It’s a special way for us to say THANK YOU to our staff for doing a great job throughout the year.”

“Thank you, Food Service Rewards, for helping us provide for our staff.”


I NEVER thought it would be so addicting!

Kroonie’s Catering in Jenison, MI calls Foodservice Rewards “addicting” (in a good way, of course…)

My experience with foodservice rewards started years ago, and I saw the yellow tags and just wondered what they were for. I called the number on them and found out it was just a loyalty thing and was totally free. I thought well heck, sign me up!

I NEVER thought it would be so addicting! My heart skips a beat every time I see these tags! Being in the foodservice career, everyone knows we don’t make a lot of money so being the breadwinner in our family is especially difficult. The rewards help us through the year and at Christmas time.

The rewards are endless! Everything from kids tables, chairs, play kitchen, toys, to digital cameras and tvs. It’s a great way to reward our loyalty to great products. I find myself quite often buying product WITH the reward sticker, more than the products without them, even if they cost a little more.

Thank you so much for letting me tell you how great it is working with FSR. I LOVE IT!!!

Matt Kroon
Kroonie’s Catering
Jenison MI


Distributors vs. Local Warehouse Store

The biggest difference is that the supplies sold by our distributors had those nifty yellow coupons attached to them…

“I’d like to thank those involved in the Foodservice Rewards program. Rarely does one see a rewards program for business owners, so you can only imagine how thrilled I was when I first heard about the program.

I’ve been working in a small family owned bakery for ten years and have been collecting those yellow Foodservice coupons for the past four years. After reviewing the rewards program catalog, my eyes were immediately fixed on an item I had wanted since I was a child—a piano. I encouraged my parents, who are the shop owners, to continue purchasing supplies containing yellow coupons.

We soon realized that our distributors were selling their supplies at a similar price as the local warehouses. The biggest difference is that the supplies sold by our distributors had those nifty yellow coupons attached to them. Before you know it, we began purchasing more and more participating Foodservice Rewards products through our distributors, because there’s nothing greater in the world than freebies—the freebies being potential items that can be redeemed through the program.

Although it took nearly four years to collect enough coupons for my beloved piano, I’m truly grateful that such a rewards program even exists for small business owners. Without a rewards program, I’d probably never have thought about getting myself a piano. So thank you again Foodservice for fulfilling my childhood dream!”

Best regards,
David Yuen
Pam’s Donuts, Moreno Valley CA.


Helping Promote a Healthy Breakfast

Foodservice Rewards points have helped the cafeteria program promote eating a healthy breakfast in the school program…

“Sometimes eating a breakfast a school has a stigma attached to it. By offering these incentives to eat breakfast students came in and experienced that eating healthy is not only a good start to their day but also a chance to socialize with their friends.

Foodservice Rewards points have helped the cafeteria program promote eating a healthy breakfast in the school program. I have used rewards points to get special gifts such as a tent, sleeping bag etc. and I have used these gifts as a promotion to the start your day the healthy way eat a school breakfast program.

Our breakfast program has grown and more students are eating the most important meal of the day.”

Kim Hunter
Director of Foodservice
Bellwood-Antis School District, Bellwood, PA.


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