Most Valuable Operators – Engaging Brokers to Drive Sales

MVO transactional data is now being transferred directly into broker’s CRM systems…

Foodservice Rewards helps manufacturer partners understand their down the street business.  Most Valuable Operators are the largest customers – the operators a sales team or broker should be visiting.   For the first time, Foodservice Rewards sponsors are now sharing MVO customers and their transactions directly into the sales agent’s own customer relationship management systems.   For the initial test, Foodservice Rewards partnered with Foodservice Enablers at the request of Basic American Foods to deposit the data into the Elite Associates Sales Portal.  King & Prince Seafood quickly saw the value and added their data to the program.  After working with the data for a few months, Phil Ledesma , Corporate Client Manager for Elite Associates, reported during the annual sponsor meeting that the data is helping them be more efficient by:

  1. Identifying declining operators to catch brand switching
  2. Identifying operators to cross-sell to
  3. Providing another tool to close the sale

With permission from sponsors, data will continue to be shared with sales agents through the Foodservice Enablers broker sales portal.  Foodservice Rewards is also working with Easy Operator/AFS Technologies and others to develop similar software providing MVO transactional data to sales agents across the foodservice industry.

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Brand Shopping is Tough on Distributor Sites

Just 25 percent of restaurant operators who order online through distributor website “always” or “often” search by brand, with many operators complaining that sites make it difficult to locate the specific brands they want.

Foodservice operators have difficulty finding and placing orders for specific brands on distributor Web sites, according to a new report by Datassential.  Titled “How Operators Buy,” the study found just 25 percent of restaurant operators who order online “always” or “often” search by brand, with many operators complaining that sites make it difficult to locate the specific brands they want. This opens the door to preferred brands being ignored when it matters most – at the time of purchase, according to the report.

Another hurdle for manufacturers is brand inconsistency on distributor ordering sites, according to Datassential. The company advises that the industry needs to work towards uniform presentation of brand names and product descriptions on these sites.  If abbreviations are used, they should be done in a way that is intuitive, easy to remember and aggressively promoted.

As GS1 standards move us toward consistent presentation of our products, manufacturers can get a head-start by partnering with Profile or other recognized methods of standardization.


Optimizing Trade Promotion Spending

AFS Technologies (which acquired IRM Corporation) is holding a Trade Promotion Summit and Idea Exchange in which FSR will be presenting alternatives…

You’re invited to join other food-industry leaders at AFS Technologies’ summit and idea exchange to learn how to better manage and optimize your company’s trade promotion spending. Foodservice Rewards will be presenting our perspective, which includes using dollars more efficiently by stimulating operator demand and directly incenting enrolled DSRs.


In case you missed it at NRA…

Here’s guerrilla marketing at it’s finest: IRM Corporation bought this ad in show editions of the Chicago paper…

Here’s guerrilla marketing at its finest. This ad was placed in USA Today and delivered to all the NRA show hotels. You have to love the guts/integrity of the approach.

It’s another reason we enjoy working with the fine folks at IRM Corporation. We’re jointly developing a “Rewardlytics” tab for their Sales Discovery System to deliver operator purchase data gathered through Foodservice Rewards for sponsors who use IRM’s reporting tools. It’s all part of building the ecosystem that supports “crossing the technology adoption chasm“.


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