vijay_ekambaram.JPGHow long have you been with BI?

This is my second month with BI India as Offshore – Delivery Manager, helping BI India associates.

What’s your most embarrassing moment at work?

When I started working in the US there was a “pennies” tray In my client’s cafeteria. I thought people were insulting the cashier by giving her pennies as tips and I dropped in $1. No one said anything to me that day…

The next day I came back to the same cashier who explained that it was for pennies to help her make change, not for tips. She further told me she had deposited the previous day’s dollar into a charity box – it was an embarrassing – and at the same time, funniest moment in my life.

Tell us about your first kiss: Who, When, Where?

Well, only my wife after getting married with her. In earlier days in India (especially south India and Chennai), it was not that easy to get a chance :(

What is your single biggest fear?

That the Indian economy could experience what Russia and Argentina experienced sometime ago, with no value for their money and all the savings of the Indian people (who are mostly salaried employees with little savings) would become worthless.

As a child, what did you want to “be when you grew up”?

I wanted be a Doctor when I grew up.

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