Mousepad Mailing to Prospects

Ongoing reminder when they use their mouse…

How will the Sysco/US Foods merger impact National Brands?  We believe it is more important than ever for foodservice manufacturers to build a relationship with their operator customers.  We reminded our prospects of this with a mouse pad mailing.  If used, it will be a constant reminder that Foodservice Rewards can provide visibility and ongoing communications to operators.



2013 FSR Sponsor Prospect Brochure

Brochure summarizes program benefits for sponsors…

We have just updated the Foodservice Rewards Sponsor Brochure.  This was created as a quick summary of the program for potential sponsors.  The brochure will be mailed to over 300 decision-makers and influencers in the foodservice industry.


Leaky Bucket Reminder to Prospects

Attention grabbing bucket…


Are Operators Leaking out of your Sales Bucket?  This delicious bucket was mailed to several sponsor prospects in January to re-engage the discussion and re-enforce the benefits to participation in Foodservice Rewards.  The mailing garnered great attention based upon the feedback received in follow-up calls.


Qwirky Poem delivers FSR Benefits to Prospects

Foodservice Rewards Poem????

The attached poem with magnetized back was delivered with a roll of Foodservice Rewards labels to sponsor prospects last Fall to draw attention to the program and remind branded manufacturers of the numerous benefits that sponsorship can bring.


Kelloggs Canada Gets Off to a Great Start

Kellogg Canada wasted no time in leveraging their partnership with Foodservice Rewards with their past customers.

Kellogg Canada wasted no time in leveraging their partnership with Foodservice Rewards to engage & enroll past customers. They sent a postcard to customers identified from past outreach efforts announcing their addition to FSR and encouraging them to join.  Of course, versions were created for both the English and French speaking customers. 


Postcard Front - English
Postcard Back - English


Postcard Back - French

Kellogg Canada also cleverly equiped Sales with customized gift cards used to promote Kellogg’s at tradeshows and during field sales calls.

Kellogg’s used a custom eBlast to announce their entry to the thousands of Canadian foodservice operators already in the program.  To help operators quickly find and enter those Kellogg’s product codes, they also promoted a bonus point sweepstakes  to encourage rapid redemption.



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Nestle Customers Go for the Gold

Nestle’s customers are going for the gold…

Goal Stretch promotions ask operators to purchase more products in a given timeframe.  Nestle’s customers are going for the gold this Spring during their Gold Points promotion

Note the creative calls out Stouffer’s specifically, but also identifies the other brands included in this promotion.

The promotion was communicated using the bi-weekly enewsletter, eblast (left), direct mail, plus banners on both the Foodservice Rewards and the Nestle’ Professional websites. 

This goal stretch promotion will put Nestle’ in the gold as well!

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Distributors focus on private label to increase

Distributors focus on private label to increase according to this Technomic report

According to Technomic’s Distributor Intelligence Service, July 2009, distributors view their house brands as increasingly more important for future success and many are investing in more sophisticated brand building efforts.

The good news for manufacturers is that 72% of those surveyed indicated that “manufacturer specification” is the biggest obstacle to selling private label – here’s an excellent example of how Kraft uses targeted direct mail to drive those customer requests and unit-level compliance.

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30,000 Incremental Cases, Wow

We tiered the promotions based on past redemption history so that we would pay out for incremental purchases…

lent_promotionTracking operators’ purchase history is the best way to set appropriate stretch goals to help them grow their volume during key selling periods.

Carla Dougherty, Sr. Director of Marketing, King & Prince Seafood writes:

“One of the best things about Foodservice Rewards is that every promotion is so measurable. During a recent tiered-payout promotion we moved over 30,000 incremental cases in just 90 days.

Coalition Manager Sandy Younger tiered the promotions based on past redemption history so that it would pay out for incremental purchases. “We treated each group separately and each had their own offer/purchase requirements. In addition we honed in on your highest penetrated segments.” Nice work, all.

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2,000,000 Point Bonanza

Kraft’s creative mail drop supports their latest 2,000,000 point bonanza…

Kraft has announced its Foodservice Rewards portfolio expansion with a eye-popping 2,000,000 point promotion supported by this creative use of direct mail.

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Hormel’s Excellent Brochure

“Earn maximum points by filling your menu with Hormel Foods,” reads this excellent brochure…

Trying to figure out how to present your products in ways that are relevant and useful to operators? Take inspiration from this excellent Hormel brochure. Note, in particular, the clever matrix of day part and product applications which is a best practice even if it didn’t have the bonus “Earn maximum points by filling your menu with Hormel Foods products featured in the Foodservice Rewards Program!” call to action.

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