Rewards Program Consultant Team

Our Rewards Consultants love to talk to Foodservice Operators…

Foodservice Rewards has a dedicated seventeen member team in Minneapolis that call operators to verify their enrollment details.   However, their key focus is to reach out to operators to retain engagement and participation.  So, if an operator hasn’t entered a reward code in awhile, then they can expect to hear from a member of the Foodservice Rewards team to find out why.

Because this team really understands Foodservice Rewards and foodservice operators, our manufacturer partners also tap into their expertise for outbound calling needs including Most Valuable Operators, Surveys, New Product launches and Promotions.

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Kraft Canada Leverages Survey Data

Kraftworks program features Foodservice Rewards member feedback…

Kraft Canada is leveraging survey data obtained through Foodservice Rewards to enhance their Kraftworks program which provides business-building ideas and recipes to restaurant operators.   The research is published on their Kraftworks website and also in the Kraftworks Salads & Profitability brochure pictured below.

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2011 What’s Hot! Chef Trends and CRM

Positive indicators and trends for the foodservice industry! The first step in growing your business is understanding your customers and their needs…

The big news this week was the announcement of the best restaurant industry performance index in three years.    With consumer spending up in foodservice, chefs are poised to take advantage of what they see as the “Hot Culinary Trends” for 2011.   Understanding industry trends is important for suppliers, yet the critical element to increasing revenue and profits through CRM is being customer-focused versus product-focused.  Foodservice Rewards provides ongoing communication to and information about individual “street” operators, offering foodservice suppliers an extremely effective CRM tool!


Building Membership through Advertising

Foodservice spending on advertising has declined in recent years, but trade advertising can still be an effective part of your marketing mix as it is for the current Foodservice Rewards ad campaign.

The foodservice market is mature. Pressure continues from distributors to investment spend in their “marketing” programs with limited deliverables on sales growth or transaction/customer information sharing.  Manufacturers should be investing to reach operators directly and participation in Foodservice Rewards provides a targeted and measurable vehicle to learn who your customers are and what they are purchasing.   Yet, advertising can still be a powerful part of a marketing mix for driving awareness and ultimately sales to the end-user operator.  Foodservice Rewards benchmarked initial awareness and usage of the program using an add-on question to a traditional ad study survey through Food Management & Restaurant Hospitality magazines in January and February of 2010.   After a mere four ads were run in each publication as a supplement our existing marketing efforts, the awareness and usage reported in the August benchmark studies for both magazines was measurably higher.  Click links for actuals.  Benchmark Jan-Aug FM 2010 Benchmark Feb-Aug RH 2010


Competitive Use Survey for Lead Generation

By asking three simple questions, you can quickly identify high volume competitive users as a qualified-lead generator for sales…

lol_competitive_use.jpgHere’s a non-traditional (and clever) way to use the survey tool to identify high volume competitive users.

First, pre-qualify your respondents with a teaser in the newsletter like “If you menu tabletop butter, take this 3-question survey to earn 100 points” (we ran this survey on behalf of a prospective sponsor). Then qualify further on the basis of these branching questions:

1) Which brand do you primarily buy?
2) Which format do you primarily buy?
3) How many cases per month do you typically buy?

Cross tab the results by high volume competitive users and viola: A highly qualified target account list for your sales people and brokers.

The cost? In this example, we ended the survey after 1,000 responses ($2,000 in points) and the identified competitive volume available for conversion from the 91 high volume buyers is in excess of 7,500 cases or $190,000.

The numbers jump dramatically when you calculate all the competitive volume – however, you might choose to reach out to the medium and lower volume users through Foodservice Rewards rather than your sales force.

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N.B. Competitive use surveys are not allowed in categories in which more than one branded sponsor is participating – for obvious reasons.


Advance Operator Panel

Establishing an operator panel is an excellent way to solicit customer feedback…

advance_operator_panel.jpgForward thinking Sponsors like Advance are making the most of the ability to interact directly with your customers by establishing an operator panel.

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Could others be far behind? It’s easy to stack rank your operators by points earned, codes entered or other criteria like subsegment to create a likely pool of invitees…

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Try a Foodservice Rewards member survey

Custom research is easy with the tools and operator database offered through Foodservice Rewards…

Sent: Wednesday, April 18, 2007 5:10 PM
To: Younger, Sandy; Breczinski, Erin Cc: Beaudoin, Tiger
Re: Procter & Gamble Survey Results

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! This is very exciting. I just got off the phone with the ABM who runs SSP and she said, and I quote, “I feel like I just won the lottery.”

Note: We tried to do this last year with an outside vendor and they told us it was impossible, after they charged us an arm and a leg for preliminary research. I’m a little surprised by the data, but that’s why we do research, to learn. I think the information we’ve captured here not only applies to SSP but also to our overall business for PGP. I’m very excited about it.

Sandy and Erin, Thank You Both for your work on this. Please pass our gratitude to the rest of the team who helped with this survey. I’m constantly impressed on how FSR helps our business. This is a big win for us.

Thanks again! Abbey

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