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Broker training made easy with video…

Many Foodservice Rewards sponsors are now sharing their Most Valuable Operator data with their sales and broker teams.   This information is being supplied directly into the sales teams existing Customer Relationship Management systems to make it easier to access and leverage.   To help launch the Foodservice Rewards data sharing, we’ve developed a training video to showcase how the data is seen and how it can be used.


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DSR and “Street” Operator loyalty

DSR’s will often will be paid out on a spiff and not even know where it came from…Gain loyalty directly with the operator to protect branded business

The Distributor Sales Representative (DSR) is one of the most trusted resources to the independent “street” operator.   Generally, the DSR is awarded a higher financial incentive for selling their own brands versus a manufacturer brand.  For years, manufacturers have tried to garner loyalty from the DSR by offering “spiffs” for increased case sales.  According to the Association of Foodservice Distributor Representatives DSR Insights, here’s the harsh reality:

Most DSRs have a “default” recommendation in their brain for your product category (likely the house brand). You might distract them with the occasional spiff… but they often have 12-15 spiffs available to them at anytime.  In fact, they often will be paid out on a spiff and not even know where it came from.

AFDR argues that DSR’s can be loyal, however building loyalty should be tied to training (knowledge) about your products, then supplemented with ongoing, consistent communications about your brand. 

Like the previous new products post, AFDR offers great suggestions, but also re-enforces how difficult it is to influence the DSR.   The DSR and distributor are critical to ensuring delivery, however reliance on them to “sell”  manufacturer brands remains fraught with challenges.

So how does a manufacturer reach the “street” operators if you cannot rely on the DSR?  Hopefully, the manufacturer’s sales agents or direct sales force can reach the largest volume “street” operators on a regular basis.  Foodservice Rewards can reach these same Tier 1 customers (regularly and consistently) plus the Tier 2 and Tier 3 operators that can drive manufacturer sales in aggregate.  Foodservice Rewards provides a turn-key ongoing customized communication stream to each of the over 100,000 “street” OPERATOR participants to garner LOYALTY for the brands that feature our yellow reward stickers.  Program sponsors that develop operator loyalty to their brands, then protect their business from distributor/house brand conversion.


The THREE P’s of a Successful Foodservice Product Intro

Using Foodservice Rewards to reach the independent operator directly, will help build awareness and requests to the DSR for your new products…

When listening to the webinar entitled “The Three P’s of a successful Foodservice Product Intro”  from AFDR, I was reminded how difficult it is to rely on the DSR to drive new products for a manufacturer.  There are thousands of products available, but only 950 annually drive 80% of a typical DSR’s volume.  The webinar offered the following 3-P’s to  help DSR’s successfully sell your new products (see chart).

The speakers suggest that neither a foodservice broker nor manfacturer representative can possibly visit the 450,000 or so independent operators that drive sales on the “street”.   That is why sponsors of Foodservice Rewards can use our communication tools including the bi-weekly enewsletter to build awareness at the independent operator so they request the new products from their DSR!

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ASMI Trains Operators on Sustainable Seafood

Congrats to Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute for leveraging the “training power” of Foodservice Rewards!

The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) is the first non-sponsor organization to use the Foodservice Rewards Learn n’ Earn program.  The Foodservice Rewards team took an existing ASMI video and turned it into a training course (click to view) to selected foodservice operators to educate them on the benefits of serving wild Alaska seafood.   Operators completing the course receive Foodservice Reward points.   ASMI recognized this tool as a cost effective way to train operators.   Attached is the fact sheet for pricing and specifications.

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Cost Effective Operator and DSR Training Tool

New video training options are like YouTube + points for operators…

Studies show that retention is increased when learning is auditory, visual, and kinesthetic.  Foodservice Rewards now offers a cost effective “Learn & Earn” training vehicle that allows you to target specific operator groups or DSR’s.  Provide a 2-3 minute video and your selected “trainees” will be rewarded for answering a series of questions after watching it.  Thanks to Advance Foods for helping test this new platform and providing this demonstration.  A Learn ‘n Earn .TV Video Fact Sheet is attached for more information.

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