The Elite Operator Program is designed to recognize and reward Foodservice Reward’s “Most Valuable Operators”…or the 13% of the annual engaged member base, that contributes 57% of all cases redeemed.

To Quality Foodservice Rewards Members must:

  • Redeem at least 360 Cases
  • From at least 5 Brands
  • And Participate in at least 2 Promotions

In 2013, all Foodservice Rewards communications will specify that the member is Elite and will re-enforce their new special privileges including:

  • Bonus Point Offers – Anniversary, Birthday, Trade Shows,  Higher Refer and Earn
  • Event Ticket Club
  • Air and Hotel redemption
  • Free mail-in code option
  • Special Events
  • More Redemption Options – Experiences
    – Hot Air, Concerts, SPA, Races, Skydiving, Guided City Tours,  Sailing and 1,800 other options!
  • Special Sale Items
  • Personal Shopper

It pays to be an Elite Operator within Foodservice Rewards!