Tip ‘o the hat to Tom Guse, Product Manager at Hormel foods for sharing a copy of this pre-NACUFS mailer. When I visited their booth halfway through the show, boxfuls had already been turned in, ensuring steady flow of booth traffic.

John Neupauer worked several of the Sponsors’ booths and captured these stories of how C&U members are using their points:

1) What do you think? – Students were asked to participate in surveys and taste tests conducted by the foodservice department. Merchandise is used in a sweepstakes for students who share their opinions.

2) Sustainability I – In an effort to reduce Styrofoam waste, a “Lug Your Mug” initiative was started. Students were asked to pour coffee into a foodservice provided, portable, washable mug rather than use a Styrofoam cup. Merchandise was given away as an incentive to participate.

3) Sustainability II – Students were encouraged to take only what they eat and cut back on food waste. The average student at this university wasted 7% of the food they took at each meal. As an incentive, students who returned their trays with no food waste had their name entered into a drawing for great merchandise.

4) Thanks for your business – As a thank you to students for dining at the school, merchandise was given away.

5) Picture This I – One college redeemed their points for a digital camera, which was used to take and post pictures of daily specials.

6) Picture This II – One school used their points for a digital movie camera. It was used to: record job candidate presentations which were shown to staff who could not attend the interview; record chef demonstrations for use in various classes; record staff memories and create a CD to play at the retirement part of a long-term employee.

7) Dress for Success – During Halloween, students were encouraged to dress up. Prizes, selected from the FSR catalog, were given to the winners.