Kevin Mills, owner of Omelet House Inc. in Las Vegas Nevada has been a member for the last four years. He recently contacted us and said  “the best thing about this [Foodservice Rewards] is that I’m being rewarded for purchasing things that I already use and I can change to items that have the labels on them if I want to.”

He also mentioned that, “I have kept purchasing items that have the Reward Code Labels on them anyway even though I have been approached more than once by Sysco Foods wanting me to switch to their house brands. …I could have saved a few pennies but I like getting the “name” brand and earning points!”

Kevin mentioned he has used his points for a “scanner so I could scan in the Reward Code Labels”  as well as  “several gadgets and appliances ranging from a fan to night vision binoculars” and now has his sights set on a Garmin GPS system to help him navigate on a European vacation this summer.