ASMI Trains Operators on Sustainable Seafood

Congrats to Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute for leveraging the “training power” of Foodservice Rewards!

The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) is the first non-sponsor organization to use the Foodservice Rewards Learn n’ Earn program.  The Foodservice Rewards team took an existing ASMI video and turned it into a training course (click to view) to selected foodservice operators to educate them on the benefits of serving wild Alaska seafood.   Operators completing the course receive Foodservice Reward points.   ASMI recognized this tool as a cost effective way to train operators.   Attached is the fact sheet for pricing and specifications.

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Cost Effective Operator and DSR Training Tool

New video training options are like YouTube + points for operators…

Studies show that retention is increased when learning is auditory, visual, and kinesthetic.  Foodservice Rewards now offers a cost effective “Learn & Earn” training vehicle that allows you to target specific operator groups or DSR’s.  Provide a 2-3 minute video and your selected “trainees” will be rewarded for answering a series of questions after watching it.  Thanks to Advance Foods for helping test this new platform and providing this demonstration.  A Learn ‘n Earn .TV Video Fact Sheet is attached for more information.

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