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James Connolly, CEC, CCA, AAC receives the 2013 Dr. L.J. Minor Chef Professionalism Award from Nestle’ Leaders…

At the recent ACF Conference, there was mutual admiration among the Nestle’ and Foodservice Rewards teams.  Dieter Hemmer, Sr. Vice President of Global Food, and Perry Miele, President North America Food, attended the event to award the 2013 National Dr. L.J. Minor Chef Professionalism Award to Chef James Connolly, CEC, CCA, AAC.

This award is presented to the chef who exemplifies the highest standard of professionalism through certification, continuing education and training, culinary competitions and community involvement. It honors culinarians who help elevate the status of chefs and cooks in the United States.


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ACF Chefs Gather in Las Vegas

Chefs use points for travel to the ACF Conference..

Over 1,500 chefs, cooks, students, and foodservice professionsals gathered in Las Vegas in July to network and enhance their professional development.  Foodservice Rewards had a dedicated booth which gave us a great platform to meet some of our chef customers, promote our ongoing partnership with the American Culinary Federation, and support our attending sponsors Nestle’ and Unilever.

Foodservice Community Ambassador - Chef Keith Esbin

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MVO – Most Valuable Operator

Pareto Principle holds true with Foodservice Rewards…

“The Pareto Principle – For many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.” (Source: Wikipedia)
In Foodservice Rewards, 20% of the operators purchase 80% of our sponsor’s cases.  These high volume MOST VALUABLE OPERATORS (MVO’s) should be protected and appreciated by the manufacturers whose cases they buy.   The Foodservice Rewards team recommends:
  1. Thank them for their business
  2. Provide them with special privileges
  3. Track their purchases (red flags/green flags)
  4. Share the information with your sales teams
Pierce reviewed their experience with tracking MVO’s at the September sponsor meeting.  Here’s a few additional communication examples from Sara Lee and Nestle’ Professional Canada.
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Integrated Marketing…Foodservice Rewards Feels the Love from Coffee-mate

Coffee-mate “Feel the Love” leverages Foodservice Rewards through-out the campaign…

Leave it to Nestle’ to be a shining example of how to integrate Foodservice Rewards into a larger marketing effort.  For the third year in a row, Nestle’ Coffee-mate has integrated Foodservice Rewards into their larger campaign to drive traffic and registrations to their Feel the Love program and gain trial and sales of Coffee-mate creamers.  The campaign was conceived by and managed by their agency, Ketchum, who has worked tirelessly to understand how best to leverage Foodservice Rewards for their client. 

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Goal Stretch – Best Practice

Nestle’ enewsletter demonstrates multiple applications for same product…Important when running a Goal Stretch promotion…

The Goal Stretch promotion is one of the most effective means of increasing your case growth.  This type of promotion encourages existing operators to purchase MORE of an existing product.  For that reason, when sponsors run a Goal Stretch promotion, we recommend that the Sponsor communicates how operators can use more of their product, such as:

1. Add a new product to their menu,

2. Run a special of the week/month using participating products,

3. Use the same product for multiple applications.

Check out the Nestle enewsletter with “21 new ways to use bases” as a great example of #3.  It’s also a great education on their product’s versatility.

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Free & Easy – Thank You & List of Winners

“Thanks for attending” note includes photo booth pictures and more…

The final communication (right) for the NACUFS 1st Annual Foodservice Rewards “Free & Easy” Party was sent via eblast.  The “thanks for attending” note included pictures from the photo booth and a  list of winners from the prize drawing held during the event.

Anticipation is building for next year’s event in Boston!

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NACUFS – Free & Easy Party

The First Annual Free & Easy Party was a big hit with operators & sponsors!

Free & Easy Placecard - Front

Free & Easy Placecard - Back


Thanks to Plate Magazine and the seven sponsors that hosted the first annual Free & Easy Party during NACUFS.   It was a well run, well attended (80 operators) event and a terrific way to bring Foodservice Rewards alive in the college market.  The placecard shown provides more detail.  Basic American has already agreed to sponsor the Free & Easy party again next year in Boston. 

Foodservice Rewards team members Marty, Lisa, Paul, Ron, and Ashleigh were decked out in yellow.  We gave away thousands of points and the photo booth was a big hit!

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FSR Sponsor “Free & Easy” Party during NACUFS

Announcing plans to bring Foodservice Rewards Sponsors and College operators together in our first annual dinner event…

Delaney Vineyards has been selected for the Thursday, July 14th “Free & Easy Party” during the NACUFS national conference that will be an excellent networking dinner for our participating sponsors.  Delaney Vineyards is a 10 minute bus-ride from the Gaylord Texan Conference Hotel.  We have also partnered with Plate Magazine to further enhance the operator experience.  Participating sponsors include Basic American Foods, Bunge, Nestle Professional, Pierce Chicken, Reser’s Fine Foods, Rich’s and Splenda.

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Nestle Offers Tips For Motivating Employees

Nestle’ leverages Foodservice Rewards in their enewsletter to operators…

Nestle’s monthly MIX online newsletter offers up suggestions to operators on how to keep employees motivated. Tip #5 – Use Foodservice Rewards points to offer incentives for performance. This is a terrific example of how to integrate Foodservice Rewards across your operator communications!

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Nestle Customers Go for the Gold

Nestle’s customers are going for the gold…

Goal Stretch promotions ask operators to purchase more products in a given timeframe.  Nestle’s customers are going for the gold this Spring during their Gold Points promotion

Note the creative calls out Stouffer’s specifically, but also identifies the other brands included in this promotion.

The promotion was communicated using the bi-weekly enewsletter, eblast (left), direct mail, plus banners on both the Foodservice Rewards and the Nestle’ Professional websites. 

This goal stretch promotion will put Nestle’ in the gold as well!

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