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Great Foodservice Rewards coverage in Progressive Group’ July member newsletter…

“This is the Progressive Group Alliance quarterly newsletter dedicated to the Service Provider and PRO-Vision Market Programs” Writes Callie Redford.

See Foodservice Rewards’ coverage on page 4 of the July issue to all of Progressive Group’s distributor members.

In addition, here are Big Mike’s July ’08 distributor program updates:

Current Counts:

  • 340 Distributors (50 in June)
  • 2,536 Distributor Sales Reps (44 in June)
  • 3,658 New Operators (120 in June)
  • 1,130 Additional Operators Attached to DSR Accounts
  • Recent Travels/Presentations:

  • Dot Foods Show – St. Louis, MO
  • Sysco Albany Sales Meeting – Albany, NY
  • Merchants – SC Sales Meeting – Newberry, SC
  • FSA Corporate – Scottsdale, AZ
  • Pate Dawson Sales Meeting – Clinton, NC
  • Martin Brothers Sales Meeting – Cedar Rapids, IA
  • Ettline Foods Show – York, PA
  • News:

    Golbon: Offered to have us at their member trade show and featured on their newsletter

    Federated: Conversations continue

    Food Services of America: Met on 6/19. Great feedback. They want to roll the DSR program out to all DSRs at all 12 houses and back it through corporate communications

    Institutional Food House (#14 in the US) and Sysco Pittsburgh joined FSR

    P&G has decided to offer local distributor promos to their Tier A distributors

    Nestle Canada DSR promotion from 4/1-6/30/08 resulted in a significant increase in participating operators and incremental cases redeemed

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    Progressive Group Marketing

    ProGroups’s May ’08 communications to their 400 distributor members prominently features Foodservice Rewards…

    Progressive Group Alliance’s newsletter goes out to all of their 400+ distributor members. FSR has a big part in this issue. You’ll find us on pages 1, 2, 4, and 7.

    From: Callie Redford, Progressive Group Marketing Alliance
    Sent: Wednesday, May 14, 2008 9:56 AM
    Subject: May 2008 Service Matters Newsletter

    In an effort to continue communicating all news and updates within Business Services, we share the attached version of Service Matters. This is the Progressive Group Alliance quarterly newsletter dedicated to the Service Provider and PRO-Vision Market Programs.

    We appreciate your continued support.

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