Make a List and Check it Twice!

Inefficient “Status Quo” of Coupons & Rebates is compared with Foodservice Rewards…

I’ve heard that it costs about $30 to verify a coupon/rebate, then process a check through the typical manufacturer accounting system.   Wow!  This prompted further thought about coupons and rebates as “status quo” tools manufacturers use to influence operators to purchase their products.   So we made a comparison list (and checked it twice)!  Foodservice Rewards is the most efficient and effective way for foodservice manufacturers to influence operator purchases at the “street”.    A little less “status quo” could help fund a lot more results! 



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Elevating your Game from Trade Spend to Trade Investment

This fascinating report is a speedy introduction to the major issues facing manufacturers in the Trade Promotion arena…

Join the Trade Investment era. This fascinating report from our colleague at Market Intelligence is required reading for everyone in foodservice from Brand Managers looking for perspective on distribution to Sales Managers hoping to move negotiations from “transactional” to “strategic” – improving the distributor/manufacturer relationship:

Elevating Your Game from Trade Spend to Trade Investment.

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