cash_wa_distributingFrom: Mark Robinson []
To: Zoladkiewicz, Michael

Hi Mike,

This program is the easiest one out there by far, and the rewards are great. This is a no brainer – anyone that isn’t working this is missing out on great rewards and also missing out on helping your customers earn rewards for buying products they are already using and future sales when they get online and see what other products have reward codes on them.

I simply ask the customer if they are interested in getting rewards for the products they are buying, and they ask “How is that?” and I them show them the enrollment card that I always have with me. I then tell them I can get them 500 bonus points by enrolling them and I help them go thru signing up if the internet connection is there.

I have already redeemed enough points for a new set of Callaway golf clubs and can’t wait to use them, which won’t be long now spring is just around the corner. I will be getting a few more great gifts with the points I have accumulated.

I haven’t come across any other program out there that has so many great things to offer to both the DSR and the customer. I would advise any DSR – if you haven’t started signing up you are missing out because the points just keep adding up on my end, I get a email just about daily of points being added to my account.

I would like to thank everyone at Foodservice Rewards for this great program and look forwards to signing more people up.

Sincerely, Mark Robinson