Erin is BACK!

Erin Breczinski rejoined the team after a four year hiatus…

When did you join BI Worldwide? I worked at BIW from 2005-2009 and have recently rejoined the Coalition Marketing Team.

What do you do for Foodservice Rewards? I am the Account Manager for the program.  This means I help with new Sponsor orientation, product/point set-up, promotion set-up, reporting, banner ad management, creative and print coordination, Sponsor Meeting planning and invoicing.

What’s your first job/worst job? My first job was as a Dietary Aide at a nursing home.  My worst job was as a college work study student in the Admissions office stuffing THOUSANDS of envelopes.

What is your guilty pleasure? Shopping!

What’s the one thing about you that no one would guess? I am a country music fan.



Jeff Johnson Joins The Foodservice Rewards Team

Marketing and sales expert Jeff Johnson joins the Foodservice Rewards team…

Welcome the newest member of the Foodservice Rewards Team, Jeff Johnson.  Jeff joined our company in December 2013 as a Business Development Director and brings a wealth of sales and marketing expertise from his previous roles in the industry.

What do you do for Foodservice Rewards? I am focused on growing Foodservice Rewards by sharing the value and power of the program with new and existing sponsors.

What was your first job/worst job? My first job was working at a car wash. My worst job was working nights and cleaning a butcher shop after they closed to prepare for the next day.

What is one thing about you that no-one would ever guess? I was sailing with 2 cousins when I was about 14 and my sailboat was struck broad side by a power boat. The boat was destroyed, fortunately no one was hurt.

What is your favorite possession? Friends and family, especially my wife, 2 kids and our Golden Retriever – Josie.

What was your first concert? Foreigner and the warm up band was the Ramones!



Todd Coffman, Sr Project Coordinator

“Middle Earth” loving man who also enjoys 70’s rock…

How long have you been with BI?

About 2 years

What do you do for Coalition Marketing?

I am a Sr. Project Coordinator and I do whatever is required of me.  A few of my most common tasks are: content management, e-mail communications (E-Blasts / E-Newsletters), data verification, survey creation and maintenance, and web surfing….. Just kidding.

As a child, what did you want to “be when you grew up”?

A Sr. Project Coordinator… How lucky am I!?

What’s your favorite movie?

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.  After a decade of watching these, I still can’t pick a favorite.

What’s the first concert you went to?

Styx/Foreigner/Journey.   Three of the best bands EVER!


Emily Bush – Foodservice Rewards Program Consultant Team Lead

Emily leads our call center team and the Garth Brooks fan club within BIW…

How long have you been with BI?

I started in 2011 –  About a year and a half now.

What do you do for Coalition Marketing?

I am the Team Lead for our team of 16 outbound call reps, who try to engage operators and encourage them to enter their codes.  I also help with setting up new promotions and marketing materials in hopes to get more yellow stickers entered!

What did you want to ”be when you grow up”?

I wanted to be an astronaut so bad, and still think it would be cool!

What was your first concert?

Garth Brooks- I am still his biggest fan.

What’s your most prized possession?

I would probably have to say my country music CD collection.  I am a country music fanatic!



Kacie Wertheimer, Account Manager

Foodservice Rewards welcomes Kacie Wertheimer to the Account Team…






How long have you been with BI?

Since August 2011.  I joined as part of the Foodservice Rewards Program Consultant Team and spoke with foodservice operators everyday.

What do you do for Coalition Marketing?

I assist Foodservice Rewards sponsors with  program delivery and support,
as well as product set up.

What was your first job/worst job?

My worst job was working in a factory for a summer. It was long hours in a
stuffy factory but it helped me save for college!

What did you want to ”be when you grow up”?

A guidance counselor at an elementary school.

What’s your most prized possession?

My family.


Rewards Program Consultant Team

Our Rewards Consultants love to talk to Foodservice Operators…

Foodservice Rewards has a dedicated seventeen member team in Minneapolis that call operators to verify their enrollment details.   However, their key focus is to reach out to operators to retain engagement and participation.  So, if an operator hasn’t entered a reward code in awhile, then they can expect to hear from a member of the Foodservice Rewards team to find out why.

Because this team really understands Foodservice Rewards and foodservice operators, our manufacturer partners also tap into their expertise for outbound calling needs including Most Valuable Operators, Surveys, New Product launches and Promotions.

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Sponsor Best Practices Foodservice Rewards

There is no Silver Bullet in marketing, no quick fixes or one-time wonders. It’s about working hard every day. It’s about having a plan and working it, long after you’re tired of the plan. Foodservice Rewards provides a number of tools to help you roll up your sleeves, work your plan, get sweaty, and measure your efforts as you connect with operators. It’s an ongoing process of testing — measuring — changing…testing — measuring — changing…testing— measuring — changing. Well, you get the point.

 Sponsors often ask, “How do we ensure great results?” Now, thanks to John Neupauer, the Foodservice Rewards best practices are outlined and provide many answers to this question. For our purposes, best practices are defined as program activities that have demonstrated strong, positive results over time and across multiple sponsors.


Each best practice in this document includes three components:

What is is?

Why is it important?

How do we implement it?

Read on and you too will discover the Foodservice Rewards best practices


NRA Fun with Iron Chef Jose Garces and French’s Foodservice

Iron Chef Jose Garces Serves up Food & Fun during NRA

Chef Jose Garces at Mercat a la planxa

We work hard at Foodservice Rewards, but we also take time to celebrate the fabulous foodservice industry.  During the NRA show this year, we enjoyed a delicious meal at Mercat a la planxa.   Pictured from left are Jo’el Ellis (French’s), Lisa Snider (Foodservice Rewards), Helia Santos (French’s) and Marty Malley (Foodservice Rewards).  It was a glowing example of restaurant foodservice done well!  Thank you Chef Garces! And, thank you French’s for your participation in Foodservice Rewards!

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Sherry Auer, Enrollment Specialist

“I enjoy talking with people too much” writes Sherry Auer, Enrollment Specialist…

How long have you been with BI?

Since February, 2011

What do you do for BI?

I am an enrollments specialist for the coalition marketing team. I work with the foodservice operators and enroll in

What is your most prized posession?

My four kids. I have 3 boys and 1 daughter. Ages are 21,18, 16 & 16 (not a typo, I have twins). I cherish the beautiful individuals they are becoming and the close relationships I have with each of them.

What was your first or worst job?

Being a cashier at Target. I enjoy talking with people too much and this job isn’t geared towards that!

Your favorite books?

Woman of Substance, As A Man Thinketh and the Bible

Who was your childhood celebrity crush?

David Cassidy. I have his autograph and went to 2 of his concerts! I was a true fan :)


Ginger Brown, Enrollment Specialist

I totally love talking to the food service operators and enrolling them in this great program…

How long have you been with BI?

A few months, but excited to stay around a lot longer!

What do you do for Coalition Marketing?

I am an Enrollment Specialist for Food Service Rewards. I totally love talking to the food service operators and enrolling them in this great program!

As a child, what did you want to “be when you grew up”?

Always a mom….I’m not that yet – but I have had plenty experience helping raise other peoples kids.

What’s your most prized possession?

Possessions are for wimps. I’d take my friends and family anyday!

What’s the best/worst thing about working on Foodservice Rewards?

Best: I dig the people that I work with a lot. Worst: My commute is soo short, my phone conversations with my mom have been cut down to a bare minimum.

Favorite Books/Movies?

Favorite Books: YES! — I love books, I love to read almost anything!!!
Favorite Movies: YES PLEASE!!! I love movies almost as much as I love books!!

Words or phrases you overuse?

“I know, Right???”

Who was your childhood celebrity crush?

Oh sheesh…which one?? I’ve always been a little boy crazy!


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