3rd Annual Free & Easy Party

Loads of fun, Thousands of points

Caricature Fun

Terry Waltersdorft, Faith Baptist Bible College - 50K Point Winner







The 3rd annual Free & Easy Party during the NACUFS conference was enjoyed by all attendees.  It’s provided a great opportunity for Rich’s, Neil Jones Food Company, and King & Prince Seafood to network and meet some of their college supporters.   Along with a terrific meal at Crave, operators enjoyed live music, a caricature artist, and winning thousands and thousands of points!


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Omelet House Owner Likes Getting “Name” Brands and Earning Points!

“I have kept purchasing items that have the Reward Code Labels on them anyway even though I have been approached more than once by Sysco Foods wanting me to switch to their house brands.”

Kevin Mills, owner of Omelet House Inc. in Las Vegas Nevada has been a member for the last four years. He recently contacted us and said  “the best thing about this [Foodservice Rewards] is that I’m being rewarded for purchasing things that I already use and I can change to items that have the labels on them if I want to.”

He also mentioned that, “I have kept purchasing items that have the Reward Code Labels on them anyway even though I have been approached more than once by Sysco Foods wanting me to switch to their house brands. …I could have saved a few pennies but I like getting the “name” brand and earning points!”

Kevin mentioned he has used his points for a “scanner so I could scan in the Reward Code Labels”  as well as  “several gadgets and appliances ranging from a fan to night vision binoculars” and now has his sights set on a Garmin GPS system to help him navigate on a European vacation this summer.



Update – How Operators Enter Reward Codes

While most operators still type in 12-digit Foodservice Rewards codes manually, the number continues to decrease in favor of faster options…

At the end of 2012, operators had five ways to enter codes.  Below are the percentage of codes entered using each method:

  • Type Online = 72%
  • Scan Online = 16%
  • Scan Using Mobile App = 9%
  • Mail In = 2%
  • Type Using Mobile App = 1%

The mobile App launched in January 2012, so we expect the number of operators using this feature to continue to grow.  While typing online is still the dominant method, other online code entry options are growing compared to what was reported for 2011.

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Codee Attracts a Crowd at Lipari Food Show

Lipari Foods supports Foodservice Rewards…

This was a great food show!  The Lipari sales team really embraces Foodservice Rewards as many of their customers were already well aware of, and engaged in the program.  There were over 6,000 operators in attendance. Codee made a big impression on the majority of attendees.

It was nice to have a distributor who embraces the program like this. Lipari is a Midwest regional distributor that covers twelve states.
MARTY MALLEY, Marketing Director | Coalition Marketing Group


Brew City Sweepstakes Winner!

Nebraska retirement community excited to win 100,000 points in Brew City Sweepstakes Promotion!

“Thanks so much for the 100,000 points I received from the Brew City Sweepstakes.  I am SO excited!  You have the very best onion rings!

Our facility houses 67 residents and they love it when I put onion rings on the menu. We also use a variety of your products and have always enjoyed the flavors and the consistency in your products.

I have used the points to purchase a Gateway notebook and a tablet which will, be used in our facility as well as for my (own) use. I often do work from home and use my own computer for this and now I will be able to use these items in both my work environment and home. I can truly tell you I have never won anything before and I can’t express my thanks enough.”

Cindy Little

Director of Foodservice

Paddock Kesington

Beatrice NE


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Foodservice Rewards Elite Operator Program – Update

Foodservice Rewards Elite Members enjoy MORE Privileges!

The Elite Operator Program is designed to recognize and reward Foodservice Reward’s “Most Valuable Operators”…or the 13% of the annual engaged member base, that contributes 57% of all cases redeemed.

To Quality Foodservice Rewards Members must:

  • Redeem at least 360 Cases
  • From at least 5 Brands
  • And Participate in at least 2 Promotions

In 2013, all Foodservice Rewards communications will specify that the member is Elite and will re-enforce their new special privileges including:

  • Bonus Point Offers – Anniversary, Birthday, Trade Shows,  Higher Refer and Earn
  • Event Ticket Club
  • Air and Hotel redemption
  • Free mail-in code option
  • Special Events
  • More Redemption Options – Experiences
    – Hot Air, Concerts, SPA, Races, Skydiving, Guided City Tours,  Sailing and 1,800 other options!
  • Special Sale Items
  • Personal Shopper

It pays to be an Elite Operator within Foodservice Rewards!


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New Print Ad & Foodservice Rewards Communications

Easy Math Campaign for operator engagement and new enrollments…

The “Sticker Shock” ad and associated communications ran for three years.  This year, Marty Malley, Marketing Director, tested four new concepts with operators and the result is the new ad below – Aptly named “EASY MATH”.  The campaign will cut across all operator communications re-enforcing the key messaging:

  1. The program is FREE
  2. It is EASY to enter codes
  3. There are Multiple Sponsors and Brands
  4. There are Thousands of Rewards to Choose From


Monthly Sales Dashboards

This report is a goldmine!

Sponsor sales teams are  now receiving a monthly one page dashboard that details their top new buyers, top lapsed buyers, and remaining sales opportunities by segment within Foodservice Rewards.  This report was designed to provide topline and timely data usable by sales, without overwhelming them with too much information.

Here’s what Drew Dozier of Advance Pierre says about the new sales dashboard…”This monthly report is a goldmine and will be followed up on!  The operator data is as close to being transactional as we can get and therefore, we must stay on top of lost redeemers to understand the situations”.

Mike Villano, VP Sales and Marketing, with Basic American Foods concurs. “Thanks for sharing this information.  It helps focus the team on the larger opportunities and points out some potential big gaps in volume.”

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Behind Every Good Man…

Maybe this great woman will win a trip to Napa!

The instant win promotion seems to be on our operator’s minds!  Here’s what Larkin said…

I always try to order products from sponsors that are in Foodservice Rewards so I can get more stickers, especially now that I can win a trip to Napa Valley! I try to save up my points and redeem them once a year to get something nice for my wife.

 Larkin Tribou

Larkin’s Famous Subs

Orlando, FL


Mobile App Communications and Operator Feedback

The word is out! FSR Mobile App is a success…

Both the iphone and Android versions of the Foodservice Rewards mobile scanning application launched in the first quarter.  The Foodservice Rewards team is spreading the word at shows, the enewsletters, our social site, and through our magazine partners…see below:

Operators are loving the new app…here’s a few posts from our Foodservice Community on facebook


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