Eblast Boosts App Usage and CODES ENTERED!

FSR mobile app usage is on the rise and the app store reviews are overwhelmingly positive…

An off week eblast went out on Wednesday announcing the FSR mobile app.  Since then, 10,000+ codes were entered on and nearly another 10,000 yesterday. The participants using it also went from 70 per day on average to over 500.

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Goal Stretch – Best Practice

Nestle’ enewsletter demonstrates multiple applications for same product…Important when running a Goal Stretch promotion…

The Goal Stretch promotion is one of the most effective means of increasing your case growth.  This type of promotion encourages existing operators to purchase MORE of an existing product.  For that reason, when sponsors run a Goal Stretch promotion, we recommend that the Sponsor communicates how operators can use more of their product, such as:

1. Add a new product to their menu,

2. Run a special of the week/month using participating products,

3. Use the same product for multiple applications.

Check out the Nestle enewsletter with “21 new ways to use bases” as a great example of #3.  It’s also a great education on their product’s versatility.

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Kelloggs Canada Gets Off to a Great Start

Kellogg Canada wasted no time in leveraging their partnership with Foodservice Rewards with their past customers.

Kellogg Canada wasted no time in leveraging their partnership with Foodservice Rewards to engage & enroll past customers. They sent a postcard to customers identified from past outreach efforts announcing their addition to FSR and encouraging them to join.  Of course, versions were created for both the English and French speaking customers. 


Postcard Front - English
Postcard Back - English


Postcard Back - French

Kellogg Canada also cleverly equiped Sales with customized gift cards used to promote Kellogg’s at tradeshows and during field sales calls.

Kellogg’s used a custom eBlast to announce their entry to the thousands of Canadian foodservice operators already in the program.  To help operators quickly find and enter those Kellogg’s product codes, they also promoted a bonus point sweepstakes  to encourage rapid redemption.



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Nestle Offers Tips For Motivating Employees

Nestle’ leverages Foodservice Rewards in their enewsletter to operators…

Nestle’s monthly MIX online newsletter offers up suggestions to operators on how to keep employees motivated. Tip #5 – Use Foodservice Rewards points to offer incentives for performance. This is a terrific example of how to integrate Foodservice Rewards across your operator communications!

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Code Entry Reminder Campaign

Easy 3 Step Process Reminder to new program members…

Foodservice Rewards is launching a new email campaign this July to see if we can increase the frequency of product code entry by new FSR program members. The email reinforces the easy 3 Step Process and features the 30,000 rewards operators can earn by participating in the program.  

The target audience for this email is all new FSR program members who have not entered a product code within 30 days of enrolling in the program.  Another email reminder will be sent 60 days of enrollment if a code still has not been entered.


Nestle Customers Go for the Gold

Nestle’s customers are going for the gold…

Goal Stretch promotions ask operators to purchase more products in a given timeframe.  Nestle’s customers are going for the gold this Spring during their Gold Points promotion

Note the creative calls out Stouffer’s specifically, but also identifies the other brands included in this promotion.

The promotion was communicated using the bi-weekly enewsletter, eblast (left), direct mail, plus banners on both the Foodservice Rewards and the Nestle’ Professional websites. 

This goal stretch promotion will put Nestle’ in the gold as well!

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Welcome Emails: New Creative

The new, improved onboarding process features better creative, videos…

Marty’s been doing great work optimizing the welcome emails as part of the new, improved operator onboarding program.

The creative above will go into effect in early June and will be accompanied by two new operator videos (How it Works and Networking Opportunities) using the foodservicerewards.tv streaming-video capabilites.

Operators will be notified of the Welcome Bonus email stream/offers on their enrollment confirmation screen, and will receive a 4th bonus point opportunity in their first Extra Points eNewsletter (50 points for taking a survey).

Please let Marty know if you have any questions/comments/suggestions.


What Makes an Effective eBlast?

This Unilever eBlast uses all the right elements to create a compelling call-to-action…

real_whipped_salad_dressing1) A compelling offer with at least a three month time frame for participation. 2) Clear product specifications, i.e. Pail, Bag-in-Box and ideally a photo. 3) Tell them where to buy it: This terrific Unilever eBlast puts it all together, including a ask your distributor rep to custom order it through DOT foods call to action in the event it’s not in stock.

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Easy as Sliced Pie

Here’s a great Sara Lee example of a new product introduction promoted via an eblast and custom landing page…

Here are all the ingredients of a successful nonbuyer trial promotion:

a solo eBlast to a select audience, combined with a custom landing page, describing the labor-saving, waste-reducing, consistency-improving benefits.

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ProGroup Service Matters Coverage

Great Foodservice Rewards coverage in Progressive Group’ July member newsletter…

“This is the Progressive Group Alliance quarterly newsletter dedicated to the Service Provider and PRO-Vision Market Programs” Writes Callie Redford.

See Foodservice Rewards’ coverage on page 4 of the July issue to all of Progressive Group’s distributor members.

In addition, here are Big Mike’s July ’08 distributor program updates:

Current Counts:

  • 340 Distributors (50 in June)
  • 2,536 Distributor Sales Reps (44 in June)
  • 3,658 New Operators (120 in June)
  • 1,130 Additional Operators Attached to DSR Accounts
  • Recent Travels/Presentations:

  • Dot Foods Show – St. Louis, MO
  • Sysco Albany Sales Meeting – Albany, NY
  • Merchants – SC Sales Meeting – Newberry, SC
  • FSA Corporate – Scottsdale, AZ
  • Pate Dawson Sales Meeting – Clinton, NC
  • Martin Brothers Sales Meeting – Cedar Rapids, IA
  • Ettline Foods Show – York, PA
  • News:

    Golbon: Offered to have us at their member trade show and featured on their newsletter

    Federated: Conversations continue

    Food Services of America: Met on 6/19. Great feedback. They want to roll the DSR program out to all DSRs at all 12 houses and back it through corporate communications

    Institutional Food House (#14 in the US) and Sysco Pittsburgh joined FSR

    P&G has decided to offer local distributor promos to their Tier A distributors

    Nestle Canada DSR promotion from 4/1-6/30/08 resulted in a significant increase in participating operators and incremental cases redeemed

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