“Peel” back Foodservice Rewards

Advance Foods promotes Foodservice Rewards participation using “Peel” creative and enrollment bonus

Operators logging onto the Advance Foods website can “peel” back any page and view a Foodservice Rewards “proud sponsor” label. 

Advance Foods Homepage

A “click” onto the label then provides a pop-up box to the “promotions” page on the Advance website where visitors receive more information about Foodservice Rewards as well as a bonus code for enrolling in the program.

Advance Foods Promotions Page

Kudos to Advance for showcasing their participation in Foodservice Rewards!  Remember, Foodservice Rewards will fund bonus points on behalf of any sponsor who wants to promote enrollment.

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Celebrate Butterball’s Launch Campaign

Butterball Foodservice uses bold, consistent creative with broad placement for the launch of two new turkey breast products…

Butterball Foodservice is using bold, consistent creative with broad placement for the launch of two new turkey breast products.  Each ad leverages Foodservice Rewards promotions and points, taking customers to product and promotional information on Butterball’s website.

Butterball Foodservice Director of Marketing, Richie Jenkins explains, “We’ve used the FSR tie as our primary launch and promotion feature for these two new items.  There have been . . . treatments in newsletters and online banners/blocks, but all tied back to FSR.”

Examples include this placement in Restaurant SmartBrief’s eNewsletter:

Butterball - SmartBrief eNewsletter

Butterball's top placement in SmartBrief's Restaurant eNewsletter

 and this banner ad on foodservicerewards.com.

Butterball Foodservice Rewards Banner Ad

Butterball's top placement banner ad on Foodservice Rewards' high-traffic Code Entry page

Butterball's Product Detail page with FSR identifier and link to dedicated Promotions page

Butterball's Product Detail page ID's the products as participating in FSR and provides a link to their dedicated Promotions page

Both link back to product detail pages that include a prominent link to a dedicated “Promotions” page.

The Promotions page completes the circle with a referral to Foodservice Rewards and free points for new enrollees.

Butterball's Dedicated Promotion Page

Butterball's dedicated Promotions page introduces the benefits of FSR and directs them to sign up with FREE points

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Survive, Grow, Thrive

Hormel’s successful strategy driving case sales above an established baseline is worth emulating…

hormel_survive_growIf you haven’t tried “tuning” your promotions to tough economic times, try taking a cue from this successful strategy from Hormel Foodservice.

By utilizing BI’s patented goal-setting promotion type, Hormel was able to establish and communicate individual stretch goals for each operator, based on past purchasing history. As a result, operators achieved their goals either by not “trading down” to private label brands or by buying more broadly across Hormel’s profolio.

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Cross-Sell / Up-Sell With Each Reward Code

Don’t forget to work with your Coalition Manager to establish your cross-sell and up-sell messaging displayed with each reward code entry…

Be sure to work with your Coalition Manager to establish your matrix of cross-sell and up-sell messages that are displayed with each reward code deposit.

This is an example of the messaging displayed with each deposit of codes on the multi-code entry screen.


Easy as Sliced Pie

Here’s a great Sara Lee example of a new product introduction promoted via an eblast and custom landing page…

Here are all the ingredients of a successful nonbuyer trial promotion:

a solo eBlast to a select audience, combined with a custom landing page, describing the labor-saving, waste-reducing, consistency-improving benefits.

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Lean Cusine Non-Buyer Conversion Promotion

Communicated exclusively via digital marketing, this clever Nestlé promotion netted “a number of Big Fish that our sales teams will definitely be following up with” according to Lee Guss…

lean_cuisine_conversion.jpgWrites Lee Guss, Manager, Relationship Marketing with Nestle Professional, “This promotion has been quite successful in generating new first-time buyers. It was exclusively communicated via digital marketing – e-mail from NestleProfessional.com, the FSR Extra Points eNewsletter, and a promotion landing page on NestleProfessional.com. So far we’ve had 200 operators qualify for bonus points in 60 days, including a number of Big Fish that our sales teams will definitely be following up with.”

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Kraft Crackers Craze Promotion

Kraft’s Cracker Craze! Promotion is an excellent example of how to combine an eblast with a custom landing page

Here’s an excellent example of a targeted promotion that drives operators back to a specific landing page to lean more about products and build brand preference by tying in to “the products patrons know and use at home.”

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Use Every Touch Point

Advance uses every touch point to reach operators…

Advance Foods already promotes the Foodservice Rewards program through their brokers, and now they’ve incorporated another touch point on their Foodservice website.

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Drive newsletter sign-ups

Use the ExtraPoints newsletter to drive operators to your own educational properties…

Campbell’s re-think soup website If you’ve been clever enough to create a custom website to educate operators be sure to drive traffic as Campbell’s has using the ExtraPoints newsletter and banners on the FSR website.

Reminder: we’ll co-fund enrollment points whenever the sponsor provides the media – whether it’s direct mail, websites, telemarketing, trade show activities, smoke signals or town crier.

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Dawn Scavenger Hunt

P&G’s clever Dawn Scavenger Hunt sends operators to key collateral to find hidden codes…

Want operators to visit your various web properties? Have them search for hidden reward codes as in this clever scavenger hunt promotion from Procter & Gamble.

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A variation someone should try is a “quizstakes” – using the survey tool, present operators with knowledge you’d like them to acquire about your products and ask them to answer quick quiz questions in exchange for points…

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