Update – How Operators Enter Reward Codes

While most operators still type in 12-digit Foodservice Rewards codes manually, the number continues to decrease in favor of faster options…

At the end of 2012, operators had five ways to enter codes.  Below are the percentage of codes entered using each method:

  • Type Online = 72%
  • Scan Online = 16%
  • Scan Using Mobile App = 9%
  • Mail In = 2%
  • Type Using Mobile App = 1%

The mobile App launched in January 2012, so we expect the number of operators using this feature to continue to grow.  While typing online is still the dominant method, other online code entry options are growing compared to what was reported for 2011.

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One of the most visited websites in foodservice

“The click has always been of dubious value,” said Joshua Spanier, Director of Communication Strategy…

Foodservicerewards.com boasts amazing traffic statistics.  On an average month in 2009, the site had 142,500 visitors and 1.14 Million page views.  On average, visitors spent approximately 7 1/2 minutes on the site and viewed eight pages.

The graph above is generated by an interesting third party measurement service that allows you to compare up to three sites’ traffic at once to compare relative popularity. Try entering your foodservice site!

However, the unfortunate counterpoint to rising traffic (everyone’s spending more time on line and NRN’s down to 26 pages every other week, after all) is that the number of people online who click display ads has dropped 50% in less than two years, according to this ComScore study in Advertising Age.

Interesting article extracts:

From client studies, ComScore found that display ads, regardless of clicks, generate significant lift in brand-site visitation… and both online and offline sales among those exposed to the ads. Within one week, consumers exposed to a display ad were 65% more likely to visit the advertiser’s site than users who never saw the ad. Even at four weeks, people exposed to displays ads are 45% more likely to visit the brand’s site.

“The click has always been of dubious value,” said Joshua Spanier, Director of Communication Strategy at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. “But clicks are easy to understand and easy to measure. We still know that display advertising has unequivocal value; your search performance improves as well. Together, search and display are much stronger than apart.”


Compare Manufacturers’ Website Traffic

Want to see how your foodservice website’s traffic stacks up to industry leaders? See this interesting panel data…

FSR website traffic continued to top 1,000,000 pageviews in July:

Page views: 1,007,371
Visits: 113,757
Unique visitors: 60,200
Average time on site: 8:23

And thanks to Peggy Beaudoin at General Mills who discovered this interesting panel measurement tool from quantcast you can now compare your foodservice website’s traffic to any manufacturer in the industry (assuming they have enough traffic to show up on Quantcast’s radar).

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Website visits for March ’08

Over a million page views served at Foodservice Rewards.com again this month…

Here are the Foodservice Rewards Website metrics for last month:

Page views: 1,289,427 Visits: 130,373 Unique visitors: 67,136

In addition, the 40 millionth case code was redeemed this month, operator details to follow…

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