Mobile App Code Redemption Now at 25%

Continued growth of Mobile App…

The Foodservice Rewards mobile app was launched in January of 2012.  As of this month, over twenty-five percent of all Foodservice Rewards code redemptions are coming through the mobile App and it continues to grow each month.



Bonus Cards – NEW QR Code Option

QR code scanning for bonus cards…


I wanted to let you know that we now have the capability of adding QR codes to bonus/gift cards offered by sponsors to make it easier for operators to enter the codes and highlight our smartphone capabilities. We recently put this place with our own FSR gift cards; the artwork is shown below.  There is no added charge to do this and thanks to Marty Malley for suggesting it!  These will be a hit at our next trade show.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

ERIN BRECZINSKI Account Manager | Coalition Marketing d 952.844.4530 |


Update – How Operators Enter Reward Codes

While most operators still type in 12-digit Foodservice Rewards codes manually, the number continues to decrease in favor of faster options…

At the end of 2012, operators had five ways to enter codes.  Below are the percentage of codes entered using each method:

  • Type Online = 72%
  • Scan Online = 16%
  • Scan Using Mobile App = 9%
  • Mail In = 2%
  • Type Using Mobile App = 1%

The mobile App launched in January 2012, so we expect the number of operators using this feature to continue to grow.  While typing online is still the dominant method, other online code entry options are growing compared to what was reported for 2011.

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FSR Participant Site Improvements

The technical team has added improvements to

The latest Foodservice Rewards release (Release 29) officially launched last Friday. Below is a summary of the development items that were included.

FSR Participant Site ‘Remember’ Me feature:
The FSR Participant Site now has a ‘Remember Me’ feature on the login page. Members can store their user id and password (masked) so they don’t have to manually type them in each time they access the site.  In addition to this change, we have updated our encryptions standards to comply with BI Worldwide’s corporate security policy. Passwords and all other secure information is now encrypted using a one-way encryption. Password can no longer be decrypted by anyone, including the technical team.

"Remember Me" Feature

FSR Modal Window Advertisement for Mobile App: We added an informational page to the FSR participant site that promotes the mobile app. The page can be accessed via the Enter Reward Codes page.

FSR Contact Us Page Available to Not Logged in Members: The Contact Us page is now available to members who are not logged into the participant site. It was added to the login page, learn more page, and enrollment pages. Members have access to web chat, email customer service, call program headquarters, and read the FAQ’s without being logged in.

Data Summarization: This item is included in Release 29, but has yet to be launched. In efforts to decrease the enormous volume of data that is being stored in our databases, we are summarizing transactions that are over 3 years old. This is about 7 years’ worth of data and millions and millions of transactions. This will not impact participants in any way and  we will still have reporting and promotion capability as we do today. Once we officially launch this item, more detail will be provided at that time.

Ron Marfori

Senior Project Manager | Coalition Marketing





New Foodservice Rewards Label

The addition of the QR code re-enforces that Foodservice Rewards members can enter reward codes using their smart phones.

The bright yellow Foodservice Rewards labels that sponsors apply to their branded cases have a new look!  The major change is the addition of the QR code.  The QR code re-enforces that Foodservice Rewards members can enter reward codes using their smart phones.   The new label also provides a call to action “Enroll for free” and a second non-logo  Operator feedback was solicited in advance of the re-design.



Mobile App Communications and Operator Feedback

The word is out! FSR Mobile App is a success…

Both the iphone and Android versions of the Foodservice Rewards mobile scanning application launched in the first quarter.  The Foodservice Rewards team is spreading the word at shows, the enewsletters, our social site, and through our magazine partners…see below:

Operators are loving the new app…here’s a few posts from our Foodservice Community on facebook


Eblast Boosts App Usage and CODES ENTERED!

FSR mobile app usage is on the rise and the app store reviews are overwhelmingly positive…

An off week eblast went out on Wednesday announcing the FSR mobile app.  Since then, 10,000+ codes were entered on and nearly another 10,000 yesterday. The participants using it also went from 70 per day on average to over 500.

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iPhone App Available to Enter Reward Codes

Foodservice Rewards iPhone app available to ease code entry

Foodservice Rewards now has an application that allows members to enter reward codes with their iPhone. Available at the app store. (Android version is in the works.)



How Operators enter Reward Codes

97.4% of reward codes are entered on-line at

In case you’re wondering, operators enter reward codes in the following manner: 

Key in on line = 83.3% of codes

Scan in on line = 14.1% of codes

Mail in = 2.6% of codes

 …taken from all entries January 1, 2011 – May 31, 2011


Sponsor Best Practices Foodservice Rewards

There is no Silver Bullet in marketing, no quick fixes or one-time wonders. It’s about working hard every day. It’s about having a plan and working it, long after you’re tired of the plan. Foodservice Rewards provides a number of tools to help you roll up your sleeves, work your plan, get sweaty, and measure your efforts as you connect with operators. It’s an ongoing process of testing — measuring — changing…testing — measuring — changing…testing— measuring — changing. Well, you get the point.

 Sponsors often ask, “How do we ensure great results?” Now, thanks to John Neupauer, the Foodservice Rewards best practices are outlined and provide many answers to this question. For our purposes, best practices are defined as program activities that have demonstrated strong, positive results over time and across multiple sponsors.


Each best practice in this document includes three components:

What is is?

Why is it important?

How do we implement it?

Read on and you too will discover the Foodservice Rewards best practices


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