Update – How Operators Enter Reward Codes

While most operators still type in 12-digit Foodservice Rewards codes manually, the number continues to decrease in favor of faster options…

At the end of 2012, operators had five ways to enter codes.  Below are the percentage of codes entered using each method:

  • Type Online = 72%
  • Scan Online = 16%
  • Scan Using Mobile App = 9%
  • Mail In = 2%
  • Type Using Mobile App = 1%

The mobile App launched in January 2012, so we expect the number of operators using this feature to continue to grow.  While typing online is still the dominant method, other online code entry options are growing compared to what was reported for 2011.

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Mailed-in codes: Still less than 5% of total

While 50,000 reward codes per month get mailed to our Eden Valley scanning center, it’s still less than 5%…

Did you know that fewer than five percent of all codes are mailed in? (95% are entered online.) Even that small percentage, however, keeps our Eden Valley process team busy scanning more than 50,000 codes per month.

During a visit to the BI fulfillment and telemarketing facility, we routinely saw packages containing 200 to 900 codes being submitted with the new pre-populated mailing labels operators print directly from their Foodservice Rewards accounts.


Free scanners at 1,000th code?

“You don’t track invoices, so it’s easier to earn rewards than with other redemption offers” according to Chef Michial Neal of Lynchburg College…

“You don’t track invoices with Foodservice Rewards,” says Chef Michial Neal of Lynchburg College, “so it’s easier to earn rewards than with other redemption offers.”

Operators enter Reward Codes individually or in groups of ten. They also mail them in – we’ve made it easy, allowing members to print a personalized mailing label with one click. Bar code scanners are also becoming an increasingly popular method of code entry.

We’re considering providing scanners automatically to operators who’ve entered their thousandth code. Comments?


7% redemption

Operators submit reward codes at three times the rate they do for rebates and coupons…

Every now and then I hear the objection: “It’s too hard to collect reward codes – operators won’t take the time.” However, operators submit three times as many reward codes as they do rebates (6.9% vs. 2%) and are now claiming over 1/2 a million cases a month – via the web!

Still, we could do better. That’s why we are testing an enhanced mail-in option for group feeders – it’s Rick Francis at Bunge’s idea, following the Netflix model: Just as each DVD is sent to you with a postage paid return envelope, we’ll process operator’s mailed-in codes and immediately send them another post-paid collection envelope.

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