New Foodservice Rewards Label

The addition of the QR code re-enforces that Foodservice Rewards members can enter reward codes using their smart phones.

The bright yellow Foodservice Rewards labels that sponsors apply to their branded cases have a new look!  The major change is the addition of the QR code.  The QR code re-enforces that Foodservice Rewards members can enter reward codes using their smart phones.   The new label also provides a call to action “Enroll for free” and a second non-logo  Operator feedback was solicited in advance of the re-design.



Mobile App Communications and Operator Feedback

The word is out! FSR Mobile App is a success…

Both the iphone and Android versions of the Foodservice Rewards mobile scanning application launched in the first quarter.  The Foodservice Rewards team is spreading the word at shows, the enewsletters, our social site, and through our magazine partners…see below:

Operators are loving the new app…here’s a few posts from our Foodservice Community on facebook


Eblast Boosts App Usage and CODES ENTERED!

FSR mobile app usage is on the rise and the app store reviews are overwhelmingly positive…

An off week eblast went out on Wednesday announcing the FSR mobile app.  Since then, 10,000+ codes were entered on and nearly another 10,000 yesterday. The participants using it also went from 70 per day on average to over 500.

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This month’s Sponsor Update covers our newsletter redesign, the winding down of the DSR incentive, new scanners and updated KPI’s…

This sponsor update covers a number of topics, among them the decision taken at the September Sponsor Meeting to phase out the DSR incentive portion of our program. Over the years, we’ve worked hard to enroll and engage DSRs in Foodservice Rewards. In fact, you may recall that for about three years, we had a full-time person working on DSR enrollment and engagement.

However, only a few thousand DSRs enrolled in the program and a small percentage of them actively engaged. Going forward, existing DSRs can continue to earn points through Sponsor promotions and overrides and can redeem their points for merchandise (their points don’t expire). With the upcoming website re-design, DSR’s ability to enroll will be eliminated and points override earnings will end April 30th, 2011.


Basic American Foods Broker Feedback

Helping brokers identify “hot leads” using Foodservice Rewards data…

A quick note of thanks to Jim Hostetler and Hans Kohte of Basic American Foods for inviting me to participate in their recent division meeting and gather feedback from their brokers and salespeople.

1) Many brokers requested that we make a list of operators redeeming reward codes available to them. As I understand it, these reports can be as simple as excel spreadsheets that include the cities and states covered by that broker or as sophisticated as plotting target accounts on a Google map accessible by your brokers. Brokers are given a special login so that they don’t have access to any other functionality.

2) Often, manufacturers/brokers have a “key account” or “top 100” list where they’d like brokers to focus. Why not have us design and mail Manufacturer/Broker co-branded postcards with enrollment or bonus codes to key accounts in each broker’s market?

3) There was considerable interest in Scanners. Each Broker had 2-3 key accounts (usually C&U or Healthcare) for whom scanners would be a great closing tool as they attempt to sell in your product lines.

One broker told me his account had a full-time intern entering codes. Another broker had gone to OfficeMax and purchased scanners for his accounts. A third collects codes from a key account and has someone at the broker’s office enter them as a “value added” service. Why not design a promotion with scanners as the reward?

4) Finally, there were multiple requests for FSR floor mats for local food shows. We’ll pursue bulk pricing and create a corresponding fact sheet. Mats are popular because you can always find booth space for them and the bright yellow reward code is instantly recognizable by operators.


Mailed-in codes: Still less than 5% of total

While 50,000 reward codes per month get mailed to our Eden Valley scanning center, it’s still less than 5%…

Did you know that fewer than five percent of all codes are mailed in? (95% are entered online.) Even that small percentage, however, keeps our Eden Valley process team busy scanning more than 50,000 codes per month.

During a visit to the BI fulfillment and telemarketing facility, we routinely saw packages containing 200 to 900 codes being submitted with the new pre-populated mailing labels operators print directly from their Foodservice Rewards accounts.


NACUFS Show Feedback

Booth traffic was steady and operator feedback to Foodservice Rewards was positive at NACUFS

This week’s NACUFS show was marked by steady traffic of operators visiting Sponsors’ booths asking “what’s new”?

Even without much FSR signage at sponsors’ booths (exceptions being Kraft, Basic American and Barber foods) awareness of and participation in Foodservice Rewards was very high and bonus point gift cards where a hit.

Opinions of operators echoed those of Corey Wilkinson, Dining Services Cash Operations Manager, at Haverford College, who pulled me aside to say how he liked the new website – especially the ease of navigation and the new rewards selection which he had trouble accessing before the redesign.

When asked “what can we be doing to improve the program?” C&U operators’ number one request was for reward code scanners. (Here’s a fact sheet describing how to order them. BI fulfills scanners directly to operators with your supplied inserts so we can track activity and avoid sending duplicates.)

The second most common request was for more program sponsors. Yeah, we’re working on that!


Now: Scanners for your best customers

Thanks to advancements in scanning hardware, we are ready to roll out plug-and-play scanners…

Thanks to the new website design and advancements in scanning hardware, we are ready to roll out plug-and-play scanners. This fact sheet details specs, logo requirements, pricing and ordering instructions.

This scanner model incorporates two key innovations:

1) A USB connection preprogrammed to work with the multi-code entry page at Previous models requiring an additional software download + installation failed user testing.

2) We are programming the website to track scanned codes vs. keyed codes, allowing us to evaluate usage patterns for future program enhancements.

N.B: While this scanner can be used back-of-house detached from its tether, we are not yet promoting that fact nor have we enabled bulk deposits beyond the 10 found on the multi-code entry page.


Free scanners at 1,000th code?

“You don’t track invoices, so it’s easier to earn rewards than with other redemption offers” according to Chef Michial Neal of Lynchburg College…

“You don’t track invoices with Foodservice Rewards,” says Chef Michial Neal of Lynchburg College, “so it’s easier to earn rewards than with other redemption offers.”

Operators enter Reward Codes individually or in groups of ten. They also mail them in – we’ve made it easy, allowing members to print a personalized mailing label with one click. Bar code scanners are also becoming an increasingly popular method of code entry.

We’re considering providing scanners automatically to operators who’ve entered their thousandth code. Comments?


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