Hundreds of Foodservice Equipment Options Added

Check out the Foodservice Central tab for hundreds of new foodservice-specific reward options.

Foodservice operators now have hundreds of new equipment options to choose from when selecting reward items from the Foodservice Rewards catalog!  Need steam table pans?  A new fryer? Chafing dish?  All this and more can be found in the Foodservice Central Tab!


Omelet House Owner Likes Getting “Name” Brands and Earning Points!

“I have kept purchasing items that have the Reward Code Labels on them anyway even though I have been approached more than once by Sysco Foods wanting me to switch to their house brands.”

Kevin Mills, owner of Omelet House Inc. in Las Vegas Nevada has been a member for the last four years. He recently contacted us and said  “the best thing about this [Foodservice Rewards] is that I’m being rewarded for purchasing things that I already use and I can change to items that have the labels on them if I want to.”

He also mentioned that, “I have kept purchasing items that have the Reward Code Labels on them anyway even though I have been approached more than once by Sysco Foods wanting me to switch to their house brands. …I could have saved a few pennies but I like getting the “name” brand and earning points!”

Kevin mentioned he has used his points for a “scanner so I could scan in the Reward Code Labels”  as well as  “several gadgets and appliances ranging from a fan to night vision binoculars” and now has his sights set on a Garmin GPS system to help him navigate on a European vacation this summer.



Benefits of a Coalition Marketing Approach

“The coalition model gives customers a clear value proposition-a far broader range of reward options while significantly increasing the rate at which they earn those rewards.” Bruce Kerr, Colloquy Contributing Editor

If you’re interested in a thoughtful take about the benefits of coalition marketing check out this article entitled “Everything Old is New Again”  by Bruce Kerr, Colloquy Contributing Editor. In this post, Bruce points out several advantages to a coalition approach versus other programs.

• more compelling customer value proposition
• better customer data to leverage ROI
• proven to deliver cost effective results

If you’re truly interested in differentiating yourself from competition and more deeply engaging customers, then maybe the time is right to consider a coalition approach to your marketing strategy.

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Foodservice Rewards Engages Operators at Catersource

Catering professionals can visit Foodservice Rewards live at Catersource and have the opportunity to win points, prizes, and Plate…

Foodservice Rewards has partnered with Catersource to engage and grow the catering segment’s membership.  The photo below shows how Catersource is promoting the use of Foodservice Rewards points to attend the conference (now in our catalog).

Catersource also includes Foodservice Rewards in their outbound communications and on their registration site.  

Foodservice Rewards is communicating our attendance and promotional activities at Catersource in multiple ways including our enewsletter, story tool on, our social site, and via the eblast below.

Sponsors have the opportunity to contribute product samples as prizes in our “Roll the Dice” game and every new Foodservice Rewards enrollee will also receive a year’s subscription to Plate Magazine, one of our respected media partners.

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Now 300,000 Rewards including Travel for Education

Education segments can now redeem points for travel to conferences…

Operators can now redeem for an astounding 300,000+ rewards.  Beginning in January 2012, both College and K-12 members will also have the option to use points for airfare, hotel stays, car rental and other travel needs to get more personnel to their respective association conferences – NACUFS National and SNA’s ANC


How Operators enter Reward Codes

97.4% of reward codes are entered on-line at

In case you’re wondering, operators enter reward codes in the following manner: 

Key in on line = 83.3% of codes

Scan in on line = 14.1% of codes

Mail in = 2.6% of codes

 …taken from all entries January 1, 2011 – May 31, 2011


Now Over 40,000 Reward Choices!

The Foodservice Rewards catalog has grown exponentially and includes additional offerings from key foodservice associations.

Just in time for the holidays, Foodservice Rewards has expanded the rewards catalog to over 40,000 items!   We are using promotional videos to  garner excitement with operators.  Along with fabulous merchandise, we have partnered with NACUFS, ACF, AHF and SNA to add $50 gift checks (made out to the organization, but mailed to the operator) that can be redeemed for educational products, show registrations, and other association offerings. 
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Amazon Exiting the Incentive Business

News of Amazon’s departure from the incentive merchandise business surprised the industry…

Last week, announced it was exiting the incentive merchandise business.

Larry Schoenecker, BI’s President, writes “In my 30+ years in the business, I have seen several retailers (and now one e-tailer) come into the business with a big splash, win some clients, and then decide to exit. In the 80’s it was the Spiegel catalog company, in the 90’s it was Target (who had over 100 employees in their incentive division when they closed up several years ago), and now Amazon.

But we’re still here. And now with over 28,000 items in our award selection, 13,000 of them under $100. And more on the way. We have a bigger selection of TV’s, PC’s, computer peripherals, and video games than Best Buy. More housewares than William Sonoma, more musical instruments than Guitar Center, and more watches than Macy’s. We are buying at lower supplier costs and have reduced margins across all categories. Our prices are better. And all backed up by our 100% satisfaction guarantee and free extended warranties on everything.

And don’t forget we do 3000 unique auctions per year, have 500 travel packages +2,100 Marriott properties, and tickets to 15,000 events annually.

Amazon had the largest selection of merchandise available for incentive programs and my guess is that we were a distant second.

Until now. We have a good story to tell.”


2010 Tradeshow Fees Paid

The rewards selection has been updated with 2010 NACUFS and SNA show fees…

Every year, participants have the option of redeeming points to pay for NACUFS and SNA tradeshow registration fees.

The 2010 show fee redemption options have been updated in the online catalog and can be found by selecting Tradeshow Fees on the left hand navigation menu.

An eNewsletter article announcing their availability will be sent in an upcoming ExtraPoints issue.


Just in time for the Holidays

The newly re-designed awards catalog now offers 15,000 choices…

15,000_catalogueJust in time for the Holiday season: we’ve expanded reward choices to over 15,000 items, revamped navigation and added a product zoom feature. There’s an increased emphasis on bidding opportunities and “real deals” – limited time offers and special buys.


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