Sysco Driver Tweets his FSR Approval

Sysco customers love FSR according to driver tweet!

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Mobile App Communications and Operator Feedback

The word is out! FSR Mobile App is a success…

Both the iphone and Android versions of the Foodservice Rewards mobile scanning application launched in the first quarter.  The Foodservice Rewards team is spreading the word at shows, the enewsletters, our social site, and through our magazine partners…see below:

Operators are loving the new app…here’s a few posts from our Foodservice Community on facebook


.ORG Growing, Keeping It Fresh with IFEC

Foodservice Rewards works the crowd at IFEC for fresh social networking content…

Sunshine Morrison-Radiance, Lisa Snider-FSR, Dave Lakey-Reser's During IFEC Event

To give Foodservice Rewards members a place to discuss issues, share recipes/photos, and earn extra points, Foodservice Rewards launched a social networking site,, in 2007.   

Today, there are almost 10,000 members who are connected to the Foodservice Community.   Ron Marfori posts and manages the network editorial content which includes information on facebook and twitter

To keep the site content interesting and relevant, Foodservice Rewards has tapped into IFEC, the International Foodservice Editors Council, to promote the social networking site as another vehicle to share information with operators. 

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What Social Media Will Look Like in 2012?

Share of voice, point of view and community influence will be more important than brand ownership predicts Ad Age…

“Share of voice, point of view and community influence will be more important than brand ownership — and marketers will need to get over it if they want to stay relevant in 2012” according to these 11 predictions in Ad Age.

Luckily, we’re well on our way with Foodservice Rewards’ operator community:

  • 7,000 Members
  • 5,000 visitors per month
  • 25,000 page views per month
  • 1,500 Fans on the Facebook Fan page
  • 1,800 Followers on Twitter
  • Forward-thinking sponsors have already embedded themselves as subject matter experts in areas ranging from food safety to menu creation.

    Take advantage of the opportunity to influence the community by contacting your Coalition Manager.


    What’s Your Social Media Strategy?

    Start your own discussion threads on the FSR social network and establish your company as Subject Matter Experts…

    If you haven’t begun discussion threads on the Foodservice Rewards social network, now’s the time to dip your toe in the water. The over 6,000 members have generated significant user content and questions – see, for example this discussion thread about changes to a menu.

    A smart strategy might be to begin your own discussion thread – “menuing salads” or “tips for producing a perfect pizza” and establish your company as a subject matter expert. You’re welcome to experiment on our platform where there’s little or no risk before deciding what your overall corporate social media strategy will be.

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    Study: Operators are Better Connected

    Despite busy schedules operators are better connected than the average adult

    This R&I media consumption study provides interesting insights into operator online behavior, including the conclusion that “despite busy schedules operators are better connected than the average adult…”

    And the proof is in the pudding, just take a look at the photos Operator Tom Farrow has posted on our social network to recognize his staff. In addition, he blogs for the community at large:

    “A promotion that I think has worked beautifully for us is Birthday Connections. It brings people in that needed an excuse to come try us out and it has rewarded many of our regulars, giving us a chance to say thanks. They have programs that will fit any budget and no long term commitment is required. The cards they send out cost me $1.68 each and I give the birthday customer up to $10.00 off their birthday meal. The customers are very surprised and appreciative when they get their card. The number one question they have is, “How did you know it was my birthday?” I always say it is a secret but I give in if I am pressed. You can get the details at

    To make it even better, I get FoodServiceReward points with my monthly statements. As a matter of fact, this very site, FSR, is how I found out about them. It can be an inexpensive experiment that can pay dividends many times over, it does for me every day.”

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    Meet your customers

    Encourage product testimonials from your operators via the Social Networking site…

    Operator testimonials don’t get more authentic:

    Are you thinking about how to encourage product testimonials from your operators? The Foodservice Rewards social network has “dummy proof” tools operators use to upload their videos and code that makes it easy to embed the resulting content on your internal and external websites.


    Foodservice Rewards Tweets Your Promotions!

    With over 1,200 followers, Foodservice Rewards can now “tweet” your promotions…

    Foodservice Rewards has over 1,200 followers on Twitter that get updated every time we tweet (the Twitter term for ‘send a message’). Our followers include restaurants all over the country, chefs and other foodservice professionals.

    We can now tweet your promotions as another way to reach members of your audience. Here’s an example of what you can do:

    3X Points on every case of Dawn Dish Detergent! School fdsrvc only pls. Valid 5/30/09-7/30/09 Click for details:

    A few things to note:

  • Tweets are limited to 140 characters. Abbreviation is common and encouraged.
  • We cannot segment tweets, so either define your audience in the tweet or tweet promotions that include everyone.
  • For lengthy links, we can shorten them using (see example above) – allow 25 characters.
  • Just contact Tyler Aasness, Foodservice Rewards Community Manager for details.

    P.S. Before you decide tweeting is a waste of time, read this article detailing the success a pizza joint and a yogurt shop have had using Twitter as a communication device. It also describes some potential future applications and tools to be used with Twitter that are very interesting.

    P.P.S. follow our blog updates at


    What’s Your Facebook Strategy?

    The Foodservice Rewards social network membership just topped 5,000 operators…

    The Foodservice Rewards social network membership just topped 5,000 operators in dozens of segment specific groups, including our most popular, Healthcare. For those who haven’t yet created a facebook account, here’s a PowerPoint primer on the features of our foodservice social network.

    Importantly, our members are sourced through Foodservice Rewards making this is the industry’s social network for business decision makers – which is how we differentiate from FohBoh, another social network in the space. While a bold experiment, manufacturers we talk to say Fohboh has evolved into a “dating site for waitrons” rather than a serious business network. For those in the know, we say Foboh = myspace, = linkedin.

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    Social Networking at Foodservicerewards.ORG

    foodservicerewards.ORG is the new social networking component were testing as a value-add to the current site…

    For the past month we’ve been experimenting with a member’s social networking community at

    This week we promoted it to all for the first time in this edition of the ExtraPoints newsletter. If it succeeds in creating extra “stickyness” and is more effective at generating new members than the current refer-a-friend promotions, you’ll see tighter integration with the main site in the future.

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