Is There Such a Thing as a Free Lunch?

Jay Siff, CEO of Moving Targets, and copywriter extraordinaire, describes Foodservice Rewards’ impact on his restaurant customers…

In tough economic times, freebies for restaurant customers have regained popularity, according to this Star Tribune article referencing Moving Targets.

Jay Siff, CEO of Moving Targets writes:

Hi Tiger,

I want to let you know how delighted we are with the level of FSR participation we’re getting from our restaurant customers.

We’re regularly signing up new customers for our 3 direct response marketing programs: Moving Targets, Birthday Connections, and Loyal Rewards. But just as important, we see an amazingly high level of participation in those redeeming FSR points. That, no doubt, makes us more valuable to our customers and I’m sure will lead to greater customer loyalty.

This is truly a win for everyone involved. Keep up the good work.

I look forward to our long future together.

Best regards,


Darling prospects

Darling International sells their grease removal services directly to 90,000 operators…

Interesting meeting today in Dallas with Darling International, “the leading provider of rendering, recycling, and recovery solutions to the nation’s food industry.” Grease removal. They sell their services directly to 90,000 foodservice operators – potentially creating enrollment opportunities via invoice stuffers, salesperson-delivered brochures, bonus codes & the like. When a service provider sponsors Foodservice Rewards, the cross-sell/up-sell message appears in the points deposit confirmation e-mail.


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