Butterball Launches New Website – Updates Foodservice Rewards Feature

Best Practice – adding Foodservice Rewards how-to on sponsor website

Butterball recently launched a new foodservice website.  As part of that launch, they updated the Foodservice Rewards section that describes how easy it is for operators to participate and earn from purchasing Butterball products!

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Hundreds of Foodservice Equipment Options Added

Check out the Foodservice Central tab for hundreds of new foodservice-specific reward options.

Foodservice operators now have hundreds of new equipment options to choose from when selecting reward items from the Foodservice Rewards catalog!  Need steam table pans?  A new fryer? Chafing dish?  All this and more can be found in the Foodservice Central Tab!


FSR Participant Site Improvements

The technical team has added improvements to Foodservicerewards.com

The latest Foodservice Rewards release (Release 29) officially launched last Friday. Below is a summary of the development items that were included.

FSR Participant Site ‘Remember’ Me feature:
The FSR Participant Site now has a ‘Remember Me’ feature on the login page. Members can store their user id and password (masked) so they don’t have to manually type them in each time they access the site.  In addition to this change, we have updated our encryptions standards to comply with BI Worldwide’s corporate security policy. Passwords and all other secure information is now encrypted using a one-way encryption. Password can no longer be decrypted by anyone, including the technical team.

"Remember Me" Feature

FSR Modal Window Advertisement for Mobile App: We added an informational page to the FSR participant site that promotes the mobile app. The page can be accessed via the Enter Reward Codes page.

FSR Contact Us Page Available to Not Logged in Members: The Contact Us page is now available to members who are not logged into the participant site. It was added to the login page, learn more page, and enrollment pages. Members have access to web chat, email customer service, call program headquarters, and read the FAQ’s without being logged in.

Data Summarization: This item is included in Release 29, but has yet to be launched. In efforts to decrease the enormous volume of data that is being stored in our databases, we are summarizing transactions that are over 3 years old. This is about 7 years’ worth of data and millions and millions of transactions. This will not impact participants in any way and  we will still have reporting and promotion capability as we do today. Once we officially launch this item, more detail will be provided at that time.

Ron Marfori

Senior Project Manager | Coalition Marketing





Partnership with Anything4Restaurants.com

Foodservice Rewards partners with Anything4restaurants for additional web impressions…

Foodservice Rewards has partnered with Anything4Restaurants.com to help promote new membership and engagement.  The website is visited by foodservice professionals sourcing products and distribution.  Foodservice Rewards currently has advertising exposure on the rotating storytool (photo below) as well as the promotions tab on the left rail.


Best Practice – Websites Feature Foodservice Rewards

Some excellent examples of how some sponsors are leveraging Foodservice Rewards participation on their websites…

To leverage Foodservice Rewards, we recommend that sponsors communicate their participation across their marketing and sales tools.  Below are a few additional website examples from Rich’s, Unilever, Icelandic, and Pierce.

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Integrated Marketing…Foodservice Rewards Feels the Love from Coffee-mate

Coffee-mate “Feel the Love” leverages Foodservice Rewards through-out the campaign…

Leave it to Nestle’ to be a shining example of how to integrate Foodservice Rewards into a larger marketing effort.  For the third year in a row, Nestle’ Coffee-mate has integrated Foodservice Rewards into their larger campaign to drive traffic and registrations to their Feel the Love program and gain trial and sales of Coffee-mate creamers.  The campaign was conceived by and managed by their agency, Ketchum, who has worked tirelessly to understand how best to leverage Foodservice Rewards for their client. 

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Foodservice Rewards Engages Operators at Catersource

Catering professionals can visit Foodservice Rewards live at Catersource and have the opportunity to win points, prizes, and Plate…

Foodservice Rewards has partnered with Catersource to engage and grow the catering segment’s membership.  The photo below shows how Catersource is promoting the use of Foodservice Rewards points to attend the conference (now in our catalog).

Catersource also includes Foodservice Rewards in their outbound communications and on their registration site.  

Foodservice Rewards is communicating our attendance and promotional activities at Catersource in multiple ways including our enewsletter, story tool on www.foodservicerewards.com, our social site, and via the eblast below.

Sponsors have the opportunity to contribute product samples as prizes in our “Roll the Dice” game and every new Foodservice Rewards enrollee will also receive a year’s subscription to Plate Magazine, one of our respected media partners.

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New Sponsor – Krusteaz Professional

Krusteaz Professional joins the Foodservice Rewards Coalition…

                     Continental Mills, now known as Krusteaz Professional,

 joins the Foodservice Rewards Coalition!

Krusteaz has launched their first promotion to create excitement around their sponsorship of the Foodservice Rewards program.  Along with the enewsletter and my promotions pages, they are utilizing the new Story Tool  (see below) to promote their launch.

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Reser’s Launches New Foodservice Website

Foodservice Rewards proudly displayed on Reser’s new foodservice site…

Reser’s has recently updated their foodservice website to enhance the operator experience.  We love the new site and the prominent display of their Foodservice Rewards participation on the homepage and in the Tool section.  The new site can be found at www.resersfoodservice.com.

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Brand Shopping is Tough on Distributor Sites

Just 25 percent of restaurant operators who order online through distributor website “always” or “often” search by brand, with many operators complaining that sites make it difficult to locate the specific brands they want.

Foodservice operators have difficulty finding and placing orders for specific brands on distributor Web sites, according to a new report by Datassential.  Titled “How Operators Buy,” the study found just 25 percent of restaurant operators who order online “always” or “often” search by brand, with many operators complaining that sites make it difficult to locate the specific brands they want. This opens the door to preferred brands being ignored when it matters most – at the time of purchase, according to the report.

Another hurdle for manufacturers is brand inconsistency on distributor ordering sites, according to Datassential. The company advises that the industry needs to work towards uniform presentation of brand names and product descriptions on these sites.  If abbreviations are used, they should be done in a way that is intuitive, easy to remember and aggressively promoted.

As GS1 standards move us toward consistent presentation of our products, manufacturers can get a head-start by partnering with Profile or other recognized methods of standardization.


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