Hundreds of Foodservice Equipment Options Added

Check out the Foodservice Central tab for hundreds of new foodservice-specific reward options.

Foodservice operators now have hundreds of new equipment options to choose from when selecting reward items from the Foodservice Rewards catalog!  Need steam table pans?  A new fryer? Chafing dish?  All this and more can be found in the Foodservice Central Tab!


FSR Participant Site Improvements

The technical team has added improvements to

The latest Foodservice Rewards release (Release 29) officially launched last Friday. Below is a summary of the development items that were included.

FSR Participant Site ‘Remember’ Me feature:
The FSR Participant Site now has a ‘Remember Me’ feature on the login page. Members can store their user id and password (masked) so they don’t have to manually type them in each time they access the site.  In addition to this change, we have updated our encryptions standards to comply with BI Worldwide’s corporate security policy. Passwords and all other secure information is now encrypted using a one-way encryption. Password can no longer be decrypted by anyone, including the technical team.

"Remember Me" Feature

FSR Modal Window Advertisement for Mobile App: We added an informational page to the FSR participant site that promotes the mobile app. The page can be accessed via the Enter Reward Codes page.

FSR Contact Us Page Available to Not Logged in Members: The Contact Us page is now available to members who are not logged into the participant site. It was added to the login page, learn more page, and enrollment pages. Members have access to web chat, email customer service, call program headquarters, and read the FAQ’s without being logged in.

Data Summarization: This item is included in Release 29, but has yet to be launched. In efforts to decrease the enormous volume of data that is being stored in our databases, we are summarizing transactions that are over 3 years old. This is about 7 years’ worth of data and millions and millions of transactions. This will not impact participants in any way and  we will still have reporting and promotion capability as we do today. Once we officially launch this item, more detail will be provided at that time.

Ron Marfori

Senior Project Manager | Coalition Marketing





Foodservice Rewards Engages Operators at Catersource

Catering professionals can visit Foodservice Rewards live at Catersource and have the opportunity to win points, prizes, and Plate…

Foodservice Rewards has partnered with Catersource to engage and grow the catering segment’s membership.  The photo below shows how Catersource is promoting the use of Foodservice Rewards points to attend the conference (now in our catalog).

Catersource also includes Foodservice Rewards in their outbound communications and on their registration site.  

Foodservice Rewards is communicating our attendance and promotional activities at Catersource in multiple ways including our enewsletter, story tool on, our social site, and via the eblast below.

Sponsors have the opportunity to contribute product samples as prizes in our “Roll the Dice” game and every new Foodservice Rewards enrollee will also receive a year’s subscription to Plate Magazine, one of our respected media partners.

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New Sponsor – Krusteaz Professional

Krusteaz Professional joins the Foodservice Rewards Coalition…

                     Continental Mills, now known as Krusteaz Professional,

 joins the Foodservice Rewards Coalition!

Krusteaz has launched their first promotion to create excitement around their sponsorship of the Foodservice Rewards program.  Along with the enewsletter and my promotions pages, they are utilizing the new Story Tool  (see below) to promote their launch.

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Code Entry vs. Invoice Submission?

The new code entry pages on the re-designed website are producing record-breaking code entry days…

Below is the trend data for reward codes entered by day following the website redesign:

27-Jan: 71,507
28-Jan: 71,320
29-Jan: 42,518
30-Jan: 39,891
31-Jan: 75,879
01-Feb: 72,255
02-Feb: 71,338
03-Feb: 78,631
04-Feb: 80,035
05-Feb: 44,344
06-Feb: 37,740
07-Feb: 86,459
08-Feb: 81,648
09-Feb: 82,320

I’m pretty sure the 86,000+ code entry day sets a new record. Funny, in the early days of Foodservice Rewards, our biggest manufacturer objection to participation was: “operators are too busy, they’ll never enter codes” or “operators prefer to mail invoice copies”. Mythbusters!


Welcome Emails: New Creative

The new, improved onboarding process features better creative, videos…

Marty’s been doing great work optimizing the welcome emails as part of the new, improved operator onboarding program.

The creative above will go into effect in early June and will be accompanied by two new operator videos (How it Works and Networking Opportunities) using the streaming-video capabilites.

Operators will be notified of the Welcome Bonus email stream/offers on their enrollment confirmation screen, and will receive a 4th bonus point opportunity in their first Extra Points eNewsletter (50 points for taking a survey).

Please let Marty know if you have any questions/comments/suggestions.


Foodservice GS1 US Standards Initiative

The momentum behind the GS1 product information standardization initiative creates huge opportunities…

gs1Finally! According to this press release, it appears the effort to create a single identifier (like a UPC in retail) recognized by all foodservice trading partners finally has acheived critical mass in the USA. Implemented correctly, it should:

  • Drive waste out of the foodservice supply chain;
  • Improve product information for customers
  • Establish a foundation for improving food safety and traceability
  • And create the opportunity to display all product characteristics on the Foodservice Rewards participating products pages.


    Just in time for the Holidays

    The newly re-designed awards catalog now offers 15,000 choices…

    15,000_catalogueJust in time for the Holiday season: we’ve expanded reward choices to over 15,000 items, revamped navigation and added a product zoom feature. There’s an increased emphasis on bidding opportunities and “real deals” – limited time offers and special buys.


    One of the most visited websites in foodservice

    “The click has always been of dubious value,” said Joshua Spanier, Director of Communication Strategy… boasts amazing traffic statistics.  On an average month in 2009, the site had 142,500 visitors and 1.14 Million page views.  On average, visitors spent approximately 7 1/2 minutes on the site and viewed eight pages.

    The graph above is generated by an interesting third party measurement service that allows you to compare up to three sites’ traffic at once to compare relative popularity. Try entering your foodservice site!

    However, the unfortunate counterpoint to rising traffic (everyone’s spending more time on line and NRN’s down to 26 pages every other week, after all) is that the number of people online who click display ads has dropped 50% in less than two years, according to this ComScore study in Advertising Age.

    Interesting article extracts:

    From client studies, ComScore found that display ads, regardless of clicks, generate significant lift in brand-site visitation… and both online and offline sales among those exposed to the ads. Within one week, consumers exposed to a display ad were 65% more likely to visit the advertiser’s site than users who never saw the ad. Even at four weeks, people exposed to displays ads are 45% more likely to visit the brand’s site.

    “The click has always been of dubious value,” said Joshua Spanier, Director of Communication Strategy at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. “But clicks are easy to understand and easy to measure. We still know that display advertising has unequivocal value; your search performance improves as well. Together, search and display are much stronger than apart.”


    Release 16 Enhancements

    Dozens of usability improvements were implemented in release 16 of the Foodservice Rewards software…

    More value for your annual license fee will be delivered through Release 16 of the Foodservice Rewards software. For the geeks among you, here are a few of the improvements:

  • FSR Nestle UK Coffee Zone Voucher and Sweepstakes promotion – Nestle UK is running a promotion in which participants will be offered an entry into a sweepstakes upon entering Reward Codes for specific products. They are also awarding vouchers for free coffee products for participants who enter Reward Codes for other specific products.
  • FSR UK Sale Rewards Page – The UK is creating a new page on the Operator site that will display Reward Items that are currently being offered for a discounted point amount. If you click on a specific rewards item, it will take you to directly into the UK Rewards catalog.
  • FSR Remove DPM Requirement – We are removing the requirement that requires a Distributor Program Manager (DPM) to enroll in the Foodservice Program before any Distributor Sales Reps can enroll. Going forward, all DSR’s can enroll regardless if a DPM has already enrolled or not. This change is being made for US and Canada only.
  • FSR DSR Search Functionality and Enrollment Changes – We are changing the way that DPM’s and DSR’s search for their Distributorship on the Enrollment pages and on the My Profile pages. Going forward, the DSR will select the appropriate state or province from a drop down list and then a list of all current Distributorships for that state/province will appear sorted in alphabetical order. In addition, we will be capturing the mailing address of the DSR’s and the mobile phone number. The mobile phone number will be captured for all participant types, not just DSR’s.
  • FSR Link to My Promotions page with User id pre-populated on log-on screen – We are developing a link to the My Promotions page that pre-populates the participants User Id on the log on page. Currently, when a participant is directed to the My Promotions page from an external link, the participant is required to log on before the page will display. This will still be the case, but their user id will be pre-populated in the user id field as a way to streamline the process.
  • FSR Direct Links on Participant Sites – Currently when a participant is driven to the participant site from an external link, we can only go as far as to direct them to the default version of that page. For example, if a participant clicks on a participating products link, it will currently direct them to the Brand version of the page as that is the default version. Going forward, we will have the ability to be more specific. For example, we will have the ability to drive them directly to Nestle’s participant products page or Hormel’s brand page.
  • FSR Provide DSR Operator information to Participating DSR Sponsors – Currently when a participant enrolls using a DSR enrollment code or attaches a DSR to their account in the My Profile section, the participant information is not provided to the Sponsors participating in the DSR program. Going forward, all participants who are attached to a DSR (either during enrollment or using by using the My Profile pages) will be provided to all Sponsors participating in the DSR program. This includes weekly data extract feeds as well as detail reports in eTelligence.
  • FSR Super-Select Comments Field – On the Foodservice Rewards Sponsor site, we will be adding a Super-Select comments box that allows the user to add comments that details the criteria that was used for the super-select portion of the promotion. This will be used for historical record keeping in the event we need to look back at past promotions and determine what criteria was used for the promotion.

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