Release 11.1 is going to be a slightly shorter than normal release in order to take care of some necessary internal development items. The following release, Release 12, will follow the traditional format. Here are the FSR items included in each release.

Release 11.1 – Tentative start date: March 3rd, 2008.

  • Upgrade to Oracle 10G
  • Quick Address Integration
  • BI is has changed its address validation software from First Logic to Quick Address (QAS). The implementation will be seamless to participants. The FSR UK program is already using the QAS software so our current experience with the product will help ensure a smooth integration.

  • Reward Code Generator Evaluation
  • The technology the Reward Code generator currently resides on is due for an upgrade. Before that can take place, we plan to evaluate the project to determine the best approach. The actual rewrite will be scheduled in an upcoming release.

  • FSR Content Manager Upgrade
  • The upgrade includes a more user-friendly interface and an export feature that simplifies language translations.

    Release 12 – Tentative start date: Late April/Early May

  • FSR Add Segment/Ownership Type to verification calls
  • Segment and Ownership type will be added to the verification call screen to be verified upon enrollment. CSR’s can update either field if they find the participant to have selected a wrong option.

  • FSR Confirmation Emails for DSR’s
  • Informs DSR’s of override points earned by their customers redeeming Reward Codes.

  • Combine My Promotions process and eNewsletter process
  • Processing time can be cut almost in half by combining these two processes. It also reduces the risk of issues and discrepancies between the two items.

    If you have questions about any of the above items, please let me know.