Butterball Launches New Website – Updates Foodservice Rewards Feature

Best Practice – adding Foodservice Rewards how-to on sponsor website

Butterball recently launched a new foodservice website.  As part of that launch, they updated the Foodservice Rewards section that describes how easy it is for operators to participate and earn from purchasing Butterball products!

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Best Practice – Websites Feature Foodservice Rewards

Some excellent examples of how some sponsors are leveraging Foodservice Rewards participation on their websites…

To leverage Foodservice Rewards, we recommend that sponsors communicate their participation across their marketing and sales tools.  Below are a few additional website examples from Rich’s, Unilever, Icelandic, and Pierce.

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Integrated Marketing…Foodservice Rewards Feels the Love from Coffee-mate

Coffee-mate “Feel the Love” leverages Foodservice Rewards through-out the campaign…

Leave it to Nestle’ to be a shining example of how to integrate Foodservice Rewards into a larger marketing effort.  For the third year in a row, Nestle’ Coffee-mate has integrated Foodservice Rewards into their larger campaign to drive traffic and registrations to their Feel the Love program and gain trial and sales of Coffee-mate creamers.  The campaign was conceived by and managed by their agency, Ketchum, who has worked tirelessly to understand how best to leverage Foodservice Rewards for their client. 

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Reser’s Launches New Foodservice Website

Foodservice Rewards proudly displayed on Reser’s new foodservice site…

Reser’s has recently updated their foodservice website to enhance the operator experience.  We love the new site and the prominent display of their Foodservice Rewards participation on the homepage and in the Tool section.  The new site can be found at www.resersfoodservice.com.

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“Peel” back Foodservice Rewards

Advance Foods promotes Foodservice Rewards participation using “Peel” creative and enrollment bonus

Operators logging onto the Advance Foods website can “peel” back any page and view a Foodservice Rewards “proud sponsor” label. 

Advance Foods Homepage

A “click” onto the label then provides a pop-up box to the “promotions” page on the Advance website where visitors receive more information about Foodservice Rewards as well as a bonus code for enrolling in the program.

Advance Foods Promotions Page

Kudos to Advance for showcasing their participation in Foodservice Rewards!  Remember, Foodservice Rewards will fund bonus points on behalf of any sponsor who wants to promote enrollment.

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Smucker’s Canada Website

Wow, a best-ever integration of Foodservice Rewards to a Sponsor’s website…

Not only has Smucker’s Foodservice maximized the promotional real estate on their website, they’ve launched with two super-successful promotions.

Writes Sean Nugent, Marketing Manager, Foodservice: “Aaron, I’ve received lots of positive feedback on promo results! Let’s discuss how soon we can do two more…”

We can help with that :-)

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Nestle Offers Tips For Motivating Employees

Nestle’ leverages Foodservice Rewards in their enewsletter to operators…

Nestle’s monthly MIX online newsletter offers up suggestions to operators on how to keep employees motivated. Tip #5 – Use Foodservice Rewards points to offer incentives for performance. This is a terrific example of how to integrate Foodservice Rewards across your operator communications!

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Advance & Pierre to Merge

Advance Pierre Foods will be the name of the newly merged organization…

From the press release: Senior management from Pierre Foods, Inc., Advance Food Company, Inc. and Advance Brands, LLC, announced today that the Boards of Directors of all three companies have unanimously approved and entered into a definitive merger agreement. The combined company will be called Advance Pierre Foods and creates a leading supplier of value-added protein and handheld convenience food products to the foodservice, school, retail, club, vending and convenience store channels.

P.S. See how cleverly they promotes a “peek” of Foodservice Rewards on the website’s top right corner.

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Super Website Integration Example

Capture Operators’ emails directly on your website with this clever Foodservice Rewards call-out…

Daymark Safety Systems’ website is a best-practice example of how to integrate Foodservice Rewards to drive hoped-for behaviors like email capture and online ordering.

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Use Web Banners to Identify Your Customers

Pierce Chicken is making good use of their online media buys to identify and track their customers by encouraging them to join…

Copy this best practice: Use your online media buys to get customers enrolled (click on the banner) so that you can begin tracking thier purchases and understand who they are, what they buy, how often they buy – and what you can do to help them buy more…

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