Best Practice – Adding Foodservice Rewards to Product Brochures

Basic American Foods highlights Foodservice Rewards participating products on brochures…

Foodservice Rewards should be integrated through-out a sponsor’s marketing execution.  In the past, we have shown examples of integration with manufacturer websites, in advertising, and below is a great example from Basic American Foods of highlighting Foodservice Rewards participating products on product brochures.

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Most Valuable Operators – Engaging Brokers to Drive Sales

MVO transactional data is now being transferred directly into broker’s CRM systems…

Foodservice Rewards helps manufacturer partners understand their down the street business.  Most Valuable Operators are the largest customers – the operators a sales team or broker should be visiting.   For the first time, Foodservice Rewards sponsors are now sharing MVO customers and their transactions directly into the sales agent’s own customer relationship management systems.   For the initial test, Foodservice Rewards partnered with Foodservice Enablers at the request of Basic American Foods to deposit the data into the Elite Associates Sales Portal.  King & Prince Seafood quickly saw the value and added their data to the program.  After working with the data for a few months, Phil Ledesma , Corporate Client Manager for Elite Associates, reported during the annual sponsor meeting that the data is helping them be more efficient by:

  1. Identifying declining operators to catch brand switching
  2. Identifying operators to cross-sell to
  3. Providing another tool to close the sale

With permission from sponsors, data will continue to be shared with sales agents through the Foodservice Enablers broker sales portal.  Foodservice Rewards is also working with Easy Operator/AFS Technologies and others to develop similar software providing MVO transactional data to sales agents across the foodservice industry.

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Monthly Sales Dashboards

This report is a goldmine!

Sponsor sales teams are  now receiving a monthly one page dashboard that details their top new buyers, top lapsed buyers, and remaining sales opportunities by segment within Foodservice Rewards.  This report was designed to provide topline and timely data usable by sales, without overwhelming them with too much information.

Here’s what Drew Dozier of Advance Pierre says about the new sales dashboard…”This monthly report is a goldmine and will be followed up on!  The operator data is as close to being transactional as we can get and therefore, we must stay on top of lost redeemers to understand the situations”.

Mike Villano, VP Sales and Marketing, with Basic American Foods concurs. “Thanks for sharing this information.  It helps focus the team on the larger opportunities and points out some potential big gaps in volume.”

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Free & Easy – Thank You & List of Winners

“Thanks for attending” note includes photo booth pictures and more…

The final communication (right) for the NACUFS 1st Annual Foodservice Rewards “Free & Easy” Party was sent via eblast.  The “thanks for attending” note included pictures from the photo booth and a  list of winners from the prize drawing held during the event.

Anticipation is building for next year’s event in Boston!

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NACUFS – Free & Easy Party

The First Annual Free & Easy Party was a big hit with operators & sponsors!

Free & Easy Placecard - Front

Free & Easy Placecard - Back


Thanks to Plate Magazine and the seven sponsors that hosted the first annual Free & Easy Party during NACUFS.   It was a well run, well attended (80 operators) event and a terrific way to bring Foodservice Rewards alive in the college market.  The placecard shown provides more detail.  Basic American has already agreed to sponsor the Free & Easy party again next year in Boston. 

Foodservice Rewards team members Marty, Lisa, Paul, Ron, and Ashleigh were decked out in yellow.  We gave away thousands of points and the photo booth was a big hit!

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FSR Sponsor “Free & Easy” Party during NACUFS

Announcing plans to bring Foodservice Rewards Sponsors and College operators together in our first annual dinner event…

Delaney Vineyards has been selected for the Thursday, July 14th “Free & Easy Party” during the NACUFS national conference that will be an excellent networking dinner for our participating sponsors.  Delaney Vineyards is a 10 minute bus-ride from the Gaylord Texan Conference Hotel.  We have also partnered with Plate Magazine to further enhance the operator experience.  Participating sponsors include Basic American Foods, Bunge, Nestle Professional, Pierce Chicken, Reser’s Fine Foods, Rich’s and Splenda.

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Are You Tuning Your Message to the Times?

Basic American Foods cleverly adjusts their marketing message to tough economic times in this excellent example of…

menunomics.gifFoodservice Rewards gives you the opportunity to communicate with your operators regularly – and that’s doubly important in tough economic times.

Here’s a perfect example from Basic American Foods of tuning your message:

  • Cut costs not quality
  • Elevate perceived value not expenses
  • Trim operational costs, increase efficiency
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    “We’ve Kept an Eye out for Different Products”

    “Now, not only are we finding better products and services in a more efficient manner, we also get a little bonus on top” writes the Granite Edge Cafe…

    From: Kate Bech
    Sent: Wednesday, March 19, 2008 2:25 PM
    To: CustomerService, Foodservice Rewards

    Our restuarant, Granite Edge Café in downtown Rockville, MN has been in operation now for almost three years. Getting a small-town café off the ground is tough, but the challenge has been exciting and we’ve enjoyed the experience.

    We got involved with Food Service Rewards about two months ago. We found a sticker on a box of our usual Pearl Potatoes & entered our codes and started acquiring our points. Since then, we’ve kept an eye out for different products to try that could earn us the rewards for items we needed in the first place. Now, not only are we finding better products and services in a more efficient manner, we also get a little bonus on top of that.

    Thank you so much for starting this program. It’s been a great help and we look forward to finding out about new products every newsletter we receive.

    Kate Bechtold
    Granite Edge Café, Rockville, MN

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    “We Were Up And Running In Four Months”

    “We were up and running in under four months” shares Hans Khote, Marketing Manager, Basic American Foods in this video testimonial…

    Foodservice Rewards’ subject matter experts are committed to helping you enjoy a smooth launch as evidenced in this testimonial by Hans Khote, Marketing Manager, Basic American Foods:

    Our parent company, BI, is a Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award recipient in the service category, which means you’ll find that quality processes are embedded in our corporate DNA.

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    Sweeps and Contests Popular As Ever

    General Mills, Procter & Gamble, and Basic American Foods are all using sweepstakes…

    This week’s ExtraPoints newsletter features several sweepstakes and contests. Note the many clever approaches:

    Gold Medal baking mix offers one entry with every case redeemed and a winner every week. Dawn Heavy Duty Degreaser generates testimonials with a “Share Your Story” Contest. Basic American recognizes their 25,000 point winner publicly in the newsletter.

    Winners are also great material for website banners – Ray Smith would be happy to contact them on your behalf for digital photos and a release.

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