Free & Easy – Thank You & List of Winners

“Thanks for attending” note includes photo booth pictures and more…

The final communication (right) for the NACUFS 1st Annual Foodservice Rewards “Free & Easy” Party was sent via eblast.  The “thanks for attending” note included pictures from the photo booth and a  list of winners from the prize drawing held during the event.

Anticipation is building for next year’s event in Boston!

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NACUFS – Free & Easy Party

The First Annual Free & Easy Party was a big hit with operators & sponsors!

Free & Easy Placecard - Front

Free & Easy Placecard - Back


Thanks to Plate Magazine and the seven sponsors that hosted the first annual Free & Easy Party during NACUFS.   It was a well run, well attended (80 operators) event and a terrific way to bring Foodservice Rewards alive in the college market.  The placecard shown provides more detail.  Basic American has already agreed to sponsor the Free & Easy party again next year in Boston. 

Foodservice Rewards team members Marty, Lisa, Paul, Ron, and Ashleigh were decked out in yellow.  We gave away thousands of points and the photo booth was a big hit!

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NACUFS and SNA Recap

A quick update on the NACUFS and SNA/ANC shows…

Here’s a quick update on the NACUFS and SNA/ANC shows. Sorry so brief, but I am busy playing catch up and getting ready for ACF that starts on Sunday.

SNA Tradeshow:

Thanks to Aaron for helping staff the Spin to Win at Rich’s booth. We had long, continuous, lines for the first 2 days. We had to ship the prize wheel to NACUFS before day 3 at SNA, but Aaron had traffic on day 3 even without the wheel. Rumor has it that the SNA conference had record breaking attendance. The majority of this segment is aware of the program, and we picked up some additional leads for new enrollments.

NACUFS Tradeshow:

Thanks to Ashleigh and Ron for helping staff the Spin to Win at Rich’s, Bunge and Perdue. We were busy at all booths on both days. They were excited to spin to win and shared with us how much they appreciate the program.

We were able to get both K-12 and NACUFS operators to do video testimonials. Lots of very positive feedback from operators. They “LOVE Foodservice Rewards” – see video for proof!!

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FSR Sponsor “Free & Easy” Party during NACUFS

Announcing plans to bring Foodservice Rewards Sponsors and College operators together in our first annual dinner event…

Delaney Vineyards has been selected for the Thursday, July 14th “Free & Easy Party” during the NACUFS national conference that will be an excellent networking dinner for our participating sponsors.  Delaney Vineyards is a 10 minute bus-ride from the Gaylord Texan Conference Hotel.  We have also partnered with Plate Magazine to further enhance the operator experience.  Participating sponsors include Basic American Foods, Bunge, Nestle Professional, Pierce Chicken, Reser’s Fine Foods, Rich’s and Splenda.

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New Bunge Ad Features Foodservice Rewards

Bunge ad showcases Foodservice Rewards graphic…

Bunge, the oil experts, have launched a new ad that showcases their strengths and Foodservice Rewards participation. Remember, Foodservice Rewards will also fund a 250 point bonus code for inclusion in any sponsor ads that encourages new operator enrollments.

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Meet Bunge’s M.O.E. at NRA!

Bunge’s Mobile Oil Experts will be driving traffic to the NRA live marketing event with the promise of points…

M.O.E. (Mobile Oil Experts), Bunge Oils’ new mobile food truck, will be touring Chicago during NRA. Visit them outside of McCormick Place (corner of Cermak (22nd) and Prairie, one block West of the Hyatt) on May 24th and 25th. The first 25 RSVP’d visitors will earn 250 bonus points! M.O.E. looks forward to serving you trans-fat free street food in Chicago!

Click Here to RSVP via the Foodservice Rewards social network.

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Bunge’s 2009 Worlds of Flavor Winner

“Foodservice Rewards is an amazing program, I recommend anyone in our industry who is not already a member to sign up and participate” writes Keith Esbin, Corporate Executive Chef…

There are many reward programs that offer rebates, products, trips, or other opportunities. However, a few aspects that always seem to be similar are that the reward selection at the lower point levels is small and in most cases lame and insulting.

Foodservice Rewards, by contrast, continuously lives up to its reputation of being the best rewards program available to the foodservice industry and as far as I am concerned is better than any credit card or airline program I have ever seen.

Even the operator of a small coffee shop or bagel store has the ability to earn points like the mega resorts and hotels. If you participated in all of the surveys and other free bonus opportunities during the year, you could earn 8,000 points easily without ever entering in a single reward code. 8,000 points is enough for your choice of hundreds of great items including MP3 players, DVD players, and even a large selection of titles for your favorite video game systems.

Furhtermore, as the value of items such as Plasma, LED, or LCD TV’s, Computers, or other Audio/Video equipment comes down due to newer more powerful or larger items on the market, the amount of points required to earn these older products come down accordingly. The 50” plasma TV that I had been saving my points for which once was over 300,000 point was suddenly only 162,000. The biggest surprise was that it said (back in October) that delivery would be by Christmas. I was notified only a week later that the TV had shipped and was being delivered a couple of days later. In my life I have never spent more that $350 for a TV, so to receive one that costs $1100 at any electronics warehouse store for free is just awesome!

In 2009 Foodservice Rewards started a new program to reward their members who enter a certain amount of points each year. The Elite Level Status has two other sections for rewards redemption. The first one is good for tickets to almost every event across the US. Sports, theater, concerts, and many other special events. There are Super Bowl tickets available for 350,000 points. You can go see the 2010 Olympic Winter Games opening ceremony for 178,000 points. Gallery tickets for this years Masters Tournament are as low as 65,000 points. Many concert and regular season sport event tickets are as low as 10,000 points!

The second section for Elite redemption is for travel. Airline tickets start at around 42,000 points for travel within the United States and 132,000 points to travel internationally! You can also redeem points for hotel stays, car rentals, and even cruises and vacation packages. Another section available to all Foodservice Rewards members is called Qbid Auction. With Qbid, members have the opportunity to bid on items from the rewards catalog starting at a value much lower than the actual amount. Wii gaming systems, HD TV’s, I-pods, and many other great items are offered regularly.

I have belonged to the Foodservice Rewards program for five years now and the benefits and the rewards I have received have been countless! Purchasing the products that contain Rewards stickers is relatively simple as there are thousands to choose from and while some of these products may be slightly premium in price over the packer brands of your distributor, many of them are with companies that have quarterly, semi, or annual rebate programs that offer substantial dollar savings per case. Nestle/Minors, Unilever, French’s/Franks/Cattleman’s, Proctor and Gamble, and General Mills are just a few examples of these companies. These are on top of any other deals that you may have already put into place with your distributors or brokers.

I recently entered a contest on the Foodservice Rewards website was sponsored by Bunge Oils, which simply asked me to write a short essay on your favorite street food experience and enter codes from 20 of their Zero Trans-fat products. I was called a couple months later letting me know I was the chosen winner. I received (with my wife) and all expense paid trip to the 2009 Worlds of Flavor Conference held at the Culinary Institute of America in the Napa Valley area of California. I spent the weekend learning from and interacting with many celebrity chefs and authors like Rick Bayless, Masaharu Morimoto, Cat Cora, Norman Van Aken, Paul Bartolotta, and Ruth Reichl. Truly an amazing experience that one could not even put a monetary value on.

Foodservice Rewards is an amazing program, I recommend anyone in our industry who is not already a member to sign up and participate so you can start reaping the rewards just as I have.

Keith R. Esbin
Corporate Executive Chef
Bar Harbor Seafood Corp
Boston Lobster Feast Restaurants

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“Foodservice Rewards is What the Name Says”

Chef Nick Mueller & Company enthuses about the points he earns buying Hormel and Bunge foodservice products…

“Foodservice Rewards is what the name says – a reward for foodservice. I just redeemed points for the first time and was truly impressed with the quality of the item. Ray Smith and Noah Hanson were exceptionally helpful and very proactive and customer service oriented.

The quality of the brands that participate are top notch too! Bunge Canola Oil and Hormel 18/22 Low Sodium Bacon are two excellent products that we use. Our customers enjoy the quality and we get return business and in addition an easily redeemable Reward Code which quickly adds up to a nice bonus reward!”

Nicholas R. Mueller
Chef Nick Mueller & Company, Guyton GA.

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Another Successful Year at NACUFS

How to make the most of NACUFS participation? see these examples from Hormel and Bunge

Despite a mediocre show floor (with a confusing three room layout) NACUFS once again proved to be the only national show intimate enough and well trafficked with high-value customers to justify the expense of exhibiting.

Bill NACUFSExamples of best practices included Hormel’s direct mail piece to drive additional boost traffic, Nestle’s Discover Fresh Menu Ideas email and Bunge’s clever booth display featuring the Foodservice Rewards label integrated into the carton graphics.

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Do Operators Send You Thank You Notes?

This hand made card was from the St. Louis Children’s Hospital employee who started purchasing our Nutra-Clear NT zero trans fat frying oil…

bunge_card.jpgAnother note of gratitude from our latest FSR Sweepstakes winners. This hand made card (do people really still do that these days?) was from the St. Louis Children’s Hospital employee who started purchasing our Nutra-Clear NT zero trans fat frying oil and qualified for our NRA Cubs Game sweepstakes. As you can tell from the note, they were ecstatic winners!

Bill McCullough
Director of Marketing
Bunge Oils

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