February 2008 Distributor Update

ProGroup progress, DOT Foods Show, & Campbell’s joining the DSR program are just a few of the highlights…

Current Metrics:

  • 246 Distributors (5 in January)
  • 2,263 Distributor Sales Reps (98 in January)
  • 3,018 New Operators (125 in January)
  • 990 Additional Operators attached to DSR Accounts
  • Recent Travels:
  • Glazier Foods – Houston, TX
  • Indianhead Distributing – Eau Claire, WI
  • Fox River Foods – Chicago, IL
  • DiCarlo Foodservice – New York, NY
  • Upcoming Travels:

  • 2/8 – McDonald Wholesale Sales Meeting – Eugene, OR
  • 2/25-26 – Merchants Foodservice Show – Biloxi, MS
  • 3/1-2 – Progressive Group Alliance Show – Colorado Springs, CO
  • New News:

    We’ve signed a marketing agreement with Progressive Group Alliance and will staff a booth at their member show in March 2008. We will also participate in their quarterly direct mail campaigns to members, be featured in a story in their member newsletter, participate in sales training to ProGroup staff and be listed on the ProGroup member websites. You may recall we successfully entered into a similar agreement with Unipro two years ago.

    We’ll be repeating the Dot Foods e-marketing campaign for 2008 which will include E-Blasts and insertions into newsletters to Dot customers, banner ads on the Dot Expressway, and a Booth at Dot Show in May 2008 (1st non-food manufacturer to be allowed to do so).

    Campbell’s has Joined DSR Program:

  • DSRs now earn 1,600 points for each new operator enrollment, which will be announced via e-blasts in Jan, Feb, & March
  • Distributor Specific Promotions:

  • At Sponsors’ direction, we are working to target specific distributors using Sponsors’ brokers or local sales personnel to help drive participation. We provide help with the formal kick off and ongoing education, and often the activity ties into an existing sales promotion already being run by sponsor.
  • If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact me.

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    Promote with an integrated landing page

    Spoon Tycoon is Campbell’s clever theme for their million point sweepstakes…

    Here’s how to integrate more information into your promotions: Campbell’s is promoting Spoon Tycoon on Foodservice Rewards with the following landing page that includes “What’s New,” wellness, products + Brands, Recipes & more (see tabs).

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