What to expect in 2012?

The Foodservice market is projected to be flat. It’s a “steal share” environment for marketers, but Foodservice Rewards can help you differentiate…

Technomic recently published the 2011/2012 Foodservice Industry Projections.  As you might expect, foodservice industry “real growth” is projected to remain anemic. Nominal growth appears to be driven by menu price inflation.

So what does this mean to foodservice manufacturers who need to grow? 

At a recent IFMA Forecast and Outlook Seminar, Technomic presented two key ideas to compete in the current environment –  share growth and competitive differentiation.

How can Foodservice Rewards help?

Use Foodservice Rewards to differentiate from competition.  In aggregate, Foodservice Rewards members redeem about 400,000 codes per week. Members look for the yellow Foodservice Rewards label and would like to earn points on additional products (click link to our social community to read what members say… New Products in Foodservice Rewards). Foodservice Rewards provides a way to differentiate from competitors that aren’t part of the program, especially distributor label products.

Leverage Foodservice Rewards redemption data to profile “best customers” and grow share through targeted acquisition. Foodservice Rewards Sponsors gain visibility to operator purchasing behavior via code redemptions that are reported weekly. Sponsors have insight to the recency, frequency, and monetary value of purchases by operator –the building blocks of customer valuation. With this approach, Sponsors can profile their “best customers” and target more “like customers” from the thousands of Foodservice Rewards members that haven’t yet redeemed from them –and are likely buying from a competitor.

Time for a new approach?  Maybe it’s time review new ideas to drive growth during challenging times.

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Study: Operators are Better Connected

Despite busy schedules operators are better connected than the average adult

This R&I media consumption study provides interesting insights into operator online behavior, including the conclusion that “despite busy schedules operators are better connected than the average adult…”

And the proof is in the pudding, just take a look at the photos Operator Tom Farrow has posted on our social network to recognize his staff. In addition, he blogs for the community at large:

“A promotion that I think has worked beautifully for us is Birthday Connections. It brings people in that needed an excuse to come try us out and it has rewarded many of our regulars, giving us a chance to say thanks. They have programs that will fit any budget and no long term commitment is required. The cards they send out cost me $1.68 each and I give the birthday customer up to $10.00 off their birthday meal. The customers are very surprised and appreciative when they get their card. The number one question they have is, “How did you know it was my birthday?” I always say it is a secret but I give in if I am pressed. You can get the details at www.BirthdayConnections.com.

To make it even better, I get FoodServiceReward points with my monthly statements. As a matter of fact, this very site, FSR, is how I found out about them. It can be an inexpensive experiment that can pay dividends many times over, it does for me every day.”

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What’s Your Facebook Strategy?

The Foodservice Rewards social network membership just topped 5,000 operators…

The Foodservice Rewards social network membership just topped 5,000 operators in dozens of segment specific groups, including our most popular, Healthcare. For those who haven’t yet created a facebook account, here’s a PowerPoint primer on the features of our foodservice social network.

Importantly, our members are sourced through Foodservice Rewards making this is the industry’s social network for business decision makers – which is how we differentiate from FohBoh, another social network in the space. While a bold experiment, manufacturers we talk to say Fohboh has evolved into a “dating site for waitrons” rather than a serious business network. For those in the know, we say Foboh = myspace, Foodservicerewards.org = linkedin.

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