Easy Employee Recognition

Foodservice Rewards makes it easy to run an employee recognition program in your operation…

“While many foodservice businesses recognise the benefits of employee reward and recognition programs, lack of resources and prohibitive costs have until now made such schemes difficult if not impossible for small to medium sized operators to implement” reads the introduction to this media release.

Highlighting Nestle & Goodman Fielder’s participation in the Australian Foodservice rewards programme, it’s received good coverage in trade publications.

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Australasia going gangbusters!

FSR Australia is 3/4 of the way to their enrollment goal for the year…

The current total number of Australasian Members is now over 3,900 – more than three quarters to the goal for the year (set by one of the Sponsors, BTW). The team is also preparing for the Fine Food trade show in Sydney, the biggest trade show of the year in Australia at which this clever new mascot will make its first appearance.

Sponsor Goodman Fielder is also attending the show and has plans for their stand to be stocked with FSR materials and bonus gift cards.

Another successful strategy down under has been to get buy-in at the corporate level from large contract managed operators such as Sodexo and Delaware North. They have already sold the concept to three of the largest contract managed companies who are enrolling all of their locations. For example, Sodexo already has 36 locations enrolled and almost half of them have already entered Reward Codes.

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Foodservice Rewards Australasia

Nestle and Goodman Fielder launch Foodservice Rewards “Down Under” with this clever ad and PR campaign…

goodman_fielder_operahousesponsor_meeting_ozWe’re excited to see Foodservice Rewards grow globally thanks to long time sponsors such as Nestle Professional Australia and new sponsors such as Goodman Fielder.

As this clever print ad demonstrates, you don’t always have to resort to stock foodservice photography + note the super coverage in the resulting launch article.

Their launch seminar promised a “Transformation of Foodservice Sales & Marketing Practices” which isn’t hyperbole.

When one goes from no visibility to operator purchases to x-ray vision + a decoder ring, it literally transforms the business to one that can use direct marketing effectively to reach street operators to understand and manage their purchase life cycles.

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