Survive, Grow, Thrive

Hormel’s successful strategy driving case sales above an established baseline is worth emulating…

hormel_survive_growIf you haven’t tried “tuning” your promotions to tough economic times, try taking a cue from this successful strategy from Hormel Foodservice.

By utilizing BI’s patented goal-setting promotion type, Hormel was able to establish and communicate individual stretch goals for each operator, based on past purchasing history. As a result, operators achieved their goals either by not “trading down” to private label brands or by buying more broadly across Hormel’s profolio.

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Hormel’s Excellent Brochure

“Earn maximum points by filling your menu with Hormel Foods,” reads this excellent brochure…

Trying to figure out how to present your products in ways that are relevant and useful to operators? Take inspiration from this excellent Hormel brochure. Note, in particular, the clever matrix of day part and product applications which is a best practice even if it didn’t have the bonus “Earn maximum points by filling your menu with Hormel Foods products featured in the Foodservice Rewards Program!” call to action.

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“Foodservice Rewards is What the Name Says”

Chef Nick Mueller & Company enthuses about the points he earns buying Hormel and Bunge foodservice products…

“Foodservice Rewards is what the name says – a reward for foodservice. I just redeemed points for the first time and was truly impressed with the quality of the item. Ray Smith and Noah Hanson were exceptionally helpful and very proactive and customer service oriented.

The quality of the brands that participate are top notch too! Bunge Canola Oil and Hormel 18/22 Low Sodium Bacon are two excellent products that we use. Our customers enjoy the quality and we get return business and in addition an easily redeemable Reward Code which quickly adds up to a nice bonus reward!”

Nicholas R. Mueller
Chef Nick Mueller & Company, Guyton GA.

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Make the Most of Your Trade Show Investment

Using a clever pre-show mailer like Hormel’s helps maximize your trade show booth investment + operator feedback from NACUFS…

Tip ‘o the hat to Tom Guse, Product Manager at Hormel foods for sharing a copy of this pre-NACUFS mailer. When I visited their booth halfway through the show, boxfuls had already been turned in, ensuring steady flow of booth traffic.

John Neupauer worked several of the Sponsors’ booths and captured these stories of how C&U members are using their points:

1) What do you think? – Students were asked to participate in surveys and taste tests conducted by the foodservice department. Merchandise is used in a sweepstakes for students who share their opinions.

2) Sustainability I – In an effort to reduce Styrofoam waste, a “Lug Your Mug” initiative was started. Students were asked to pour coffee into a foodservice provided, portable, washable mug rather than use a Styrofoam cup. Merchandise was given away as an incentive to participate.

3) Sustainability II – Students were encouraged to take only what they eat and cut back on food waste. The average student at this university wasted 7% of the food they took at each meal. As an incentive, students who returned their trays with no food waste had their name entered into a drawing for great merchandise.

4) Thanks for your business – As a thank you to students for dining at the school, merchandise was given away.

5) Picture This I – One college redeemed their points for a digital camera, which was used to take and post pictures of daily specials.

6) Picture This II – One school used their points for a digital movie camera. It was used to: record job candidate presentations which were shown to staff who could not attend the interview; record chef demonstrations for use in various classes; record staff memories and create a CD to play at the retirement part of a long-term employee.

7) Dress for Success – During Halloween, students were encouraged to dress up. Prizes, selected from the FSR catalog, were given to the winners.

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Another Successful Year at NACUFS

How to make the most of NACUFS participation? see these examples from Hormel and Bunge

Despite a mediocre show floor (with a confusing three room layout) NACUFS once again proved to be the only national show intimate enough and well trafficked with high-value customers to justify the expense of exhibiting.

Bill NACUFSExamples of best practices included Hormel’s direct mail piece to drive additional boost traffic, Nestle’s Discover Fresh Menu Ideas email and Bunge’s clever booth display featuring the Foodservice Rewards label integrated into the carton graphics.

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Help Your Sales People Help You

“…so send me a list of all the items that Sysco carries with FS Rewards points and if I use it, I will buy Hormel!” enthuses this chef…

Sometimes it just takes is a little encouragement from management and a testimonial from the field:

To: Michael E. Snyder/FSSales/Hormel
Re: Foodservice Rewards


I was just in Hillcrest Country Club and I showed them this promotion and they loved it. They use our Layout 18/22 and our Special Recipe Sausage because they have the points. While I was in there they switched to our Old Tyme Buffet and Pit Hams (were using a Farmland for both – about 70 lbs week), they are now going to start serving BBQ because our Austin Blues have them, Hickory Smoked Turkey (3 cs week), Pepperoni (15 to 20 lbs week), Sausage & Beef Topping (20 lbs week) and Roast Beef (2 to 3 cs week).

I was in showcasing our Austin Blues products but they switched to all of these immediately just because they had the points – the Chef said – “I know Hormel has good quality because of the bacon and sausage so send me a list of all the items that Sysco carries with FS Rewards points and if I use it, I will buy Hormel!

Steve Richardson
Hormel Foods Sales, LLC
Account Executive

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Solving the labeling puzzle

Hormel’s corporate purchasing department says “the process was so easy for our plant locations to reorder and make use of the labels by applying them to the products that we are now in our fifth year…”

“Our Foodservice Group started this program in August of 2002.

We provided Hormel item numbers, specifications, descriptions and ship to addresses to setup online ordering. I was given an access ID, password and a brief training session with customer service at BI.

As requirements were received by the purchasing department, I entered each order online and BI then worked with their production facility to produce and ship labels.

Initially, the contract for this program was to be in place for one or two years. This program was so well accepted by our foodservice customers and the process was so easy for our plant locations to reorder and make use of the labels by applying them to the products that we are now in our fifth year and have added additional products and ship to locations to the website.

The customer service support from BI Worldwide has been fantastic. We have had very few problems, and can always depend on a quick response from BI personnel. They have also provided help in expediting shipments when necessary.

This is a very user-friendly program and we have had great success in promoting our various foodservice products since implementing this rewards program.”

Kathy Hines
Corporate Purchasing Assistant, Hormel Foods, Austin

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This New Year, resolve to…

Running joint promotions with other sponsors like this breakfast biscuit and bacon promotion featuring General Mills and Hormel can be an effective way to target a day-part…

1) Make better PowerPoint Presentations

2) Really understand your business model

3) Run a joint promotion with one (or more!) Foodservice Rewards sponsors

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Want to drive more operators to your website?

Create a link to your website like this one by Hormel and drive additional, relevant traffic…

Create a link to your website like this example from Hormel. Foodservice Rewards’ 58,000 members visit an average of 1.5 times per week delivering an unprecedented opportunity to register them directly at your site.

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