Broker MVO Training

Broker training made easy with video…

Many Foodservice Rewards sponsors are now sharing their Most Valuable Operator data with their sales and broker teams.   This information is being supplied directly into the sales teams existing Customer Relationship Management systems to make it easier to access and leverage.   To help launch the Foodservice Rewards data sharing, we’ve developed a training video to showcase how the data is seen and how it can be used.


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Rewards Program Consultant Team

Our Rewards Consultants love to talk to Foodservice Operators…

Foodservice Rewards has a dedicated seventeen member team in Minneapolis that call operators to verify their enrollment details.   However, their key focus is to reach out to operators to retain engagement and participation.  So, if an operator hasn’t entered a reward code in awhile, then they can expect to hear from a member of the Foodservice Rewards team to find out why.

Because this team really understands Foodservice Rewards and foodservice operators, our manufacturer partners also tap into their expertise for outbound calling needs including Most Valuable Operators, Surveys, New Product launches and Promotions.

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Foodservice Rewards Elite Operator Program – Update

Foodservice Rewards Elite Members enjoy MORE Privileges!

The Elite Operator Program is designed to recognize and reward Foodservice Reward’s “Most Valuable Operators”…or the 13% of the annual engaged member base, that contributes 57% of all cases redeemed.

To Quality Foodservice Rewards Members must:

  • Redeem at least 360 Cases
  • From at least 5 Brands
  • And Participate in at least 2 Promotions

In 2013, all Foodservice Rewards communications will specify that the member is Elite and will re-enforce their new special privileges including:

  • Bonus Point Offers – Anniversary, Birthday, Trade Shows,  Higher Refer and Earn
  • Event Ticket Club
  • Air and Hotel redemption
  • Free mail-in code option
  • Special Events
  • More Redemption Options – Experiences
    – Hot Air, Concerts, SPA, Races, Skydiving, Guided City Tours,  Sailing and 1,800 other options!
  • Special Sale Items
  • Personal Shopper

It pays to be an Elite Operator within Foodservice Rewards!


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Are Customers Leaking Out of your Sales Bucket?

The “Leaky Bucket” analysis provides Foodservice Manufacturers with an effective measure of their retention and acquisition efforts.

Foodservice Rewards has a new measure, called the Leaky Bucket analysis that simply measures the impact of new and existing operators on a manufacturer’s growth or decline (operators and case volume).

Using the analogy of a bucket, Foodservice Rewards measures what comes into the manufacturer’s bucket (new operators), what stays in the bucket (existing, loyal operators), and what leaks out of the bucket (lost operators).  The analysis includes operators that are engaged in Foodservice Rewards and compares two 12-month periods.  The analysis can be done by portfolio, category, or brand.

So what?  Manufacturers that understand their operator/case “leak” rate combined with their acquisition rate now have an annual benchmark from which they can more effectively measure their overall growth each year.  It also re-enforces the need to protect a sponsor’s “most valuable operators” – the customers that drive most of the volume.

Average leak rate is 20% across the coalition of participating branded sponsors. Imagine how large it must be within the broader foodservice world…Guessing 30% or more!

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Most Valuable Operators – Engaging Brokers to Drive Sales

MVO transactional data is now being transferred directly into broker’s CRM systems…

Foodservice Rewards helps manufacturer partners understand their down the street business.  Most Valuable Operators are the largest customers – the operators a sales team or broker should be visiting.   For the first time, Foodservice Rewards sponsors are now sharing MVO customers and their transactions directly into the sales agent’s own customer relationship management systems.   For the initial test, Foodservice Rewards partnered with Foodservice Enablers at the request of Basic American Foods to deposit the data into the Elite Associates Sales Portal.  King & Prince Seafood quickly saw the value and added their data to the program.  After working with the data for a few months, Phil Ledesma , Corporate Client Manager for Elite Associates, reported during the annual sponsor meeting that the data is helping them be more efficient by:

  1. Identifying declining operators to catch brand switching
  2. Identifying operators to cross-sell to
  3. Providing another tool to close the sale

With permission from sponsors, data will continue to be shared with sales agents through the Foodservice Enablers broker sales portal.  Foodservice Rewards is also working with Easy Operator/AFS Technologies and others to develop similar software providing MVO transactional data to sales agents across the foodservice industry.

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MVO – Most Valuable Operator

Pareto Principle holds true with Foodservice Rewards…

“The Pareto Principle – For many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.” (Source: Wikipedia)
In Foodservice Rewards, 20% of the operators purchase 80% of our sponsor’s cases.  These high volume MOST VALUABLE OPERATORS (MVO’s) should be protected and appreciated by the manufacturers whose cases they buy.   The Foodservice Rewards team recommends:
  1. Thank them for their business
  2. Provide them with special privileges
  3. Track their purchases (red flags/green flags)
  4. Share the information with your sales teams
Pierce reviewed their experience with tracking MVO’s at the September sponsor meeting.  Here’s a few additional communication examples from Sara Lee and Nestle’ Professional Canada.
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