P&G’s Batter Up Promotion

P&G’s “Batter Up” promotion cleverly promotes cross-portfolio purchases via a “double, triple, home run” theme…

See P&G’s clever Baseball themed promotion with Double, Triple & Home Run points for cross-portfolio purchases.

In particular, check out the custom landing page and corresponding DSR Incentive on the PGPro.com web page being promoted via banners & email.

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Split Test Your Media Effectivess

Split testing your advertising is another innovative use of Foodservice Rewards…

Copy this strategy: P&G is running a Dawn “special thanks for your support” ad in both the May 2008 Restaurant Business issue and May 15, 2008 Foodservice Director issue.

Each offers a different code for a wonderfully effective readership test.

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International expansion continues

“I could not have asked for a better presentation by your team or active engagement by my counterparts” enthuses Patrick Moloughney of P&G

Many of you will remember Patrick Moloughney of Proctor & Gamble (center, flanked by Alan Gray and Nicole Thinnes of our UK office) from his days as our Sponsor contact. In his new role, he’s been tasked with identifying initiatives within P&G Professional producing the highest ROI and sharing them globally – and last week we presented program results to his colleagues in Geneva.

His assement: “I’m thrilled the meeting went as well as it did given some of the initial skepticism from my counterparts going into it. I could not have asked for a better presentation by your team or active engagement by my counterparts during the meeting. There was clear excitement in the room and an overall desire to move this forward ASAP!”

We also received an equally enthusiastic response from Kraft Foodservice about a program roll out in Germany. This is due in large part to support from Rolf Schmidt, CEO of International Business Development for CHD-Expert, (pictured right with Indra Bammann, Assistant European Business Development) whose firm enjoys a long-standing relationship there. In Europe, CHD-Expert is the foodservice database market leader producing insights through operator surveys, telemarketing and data cleansing.

If you have not yet discovered CHD’s foodservice list sourcing and analysis services, I suggest you contact Paul Hagege, General Manager, in the USA at (312) 506-3851 to schedule a meeting.

Paul recently opened their U.S. office through a partnership with Technomic and in a matter of nine months has built an operator database from 50 public and proprietary sources that is more robust than NPD‘s. We’ll be working with them to append their supplemental data to the FSR database and generate “most likely customer” models for sponsors and to expand FSR’s membership.

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P&G 500% override!

P&G is offering a 500% override as a DSR incentive during this Dawn detergent, dissolver and degreaser promotion…

FYI, the largest DSR override on record is being sponsored by P&G: 500%!!!

Here are their DSR announcement banner ads and e-mail blast. In addition, they will be featured on the monthly DSR enrollment code reminder e-mail going out the first week of Oct, Nov, and Dec. Should see some good response!

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Dear Abbey

Abbey Dryden has been instrumental in the program’s success at Procter & Gamble

A huge THANK YOU from the whole Foodservice Rewards team to Abbey Dryden who has been instrumental in the program’s success at Procter & Gamble.

From clever scavenger hunt promotions to new contests delivering instant gratification, she’s added creativity and innovation at every turn.

Boy, are we going to miss you: Best wishes on maternity leave :-)

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DSR momentum builds

P&G and Unilever’s efforts in getting DSR’s signed up for the incentive have really boosted participation…

Wondering if DSR’s are excited about earning opportunities in the Foodservice Rewards distributor incentive program? Just look at this customized signature a Cheney Brothers DSR added to her emails. She also included the gift card image above (but with her personalized enrollment code).

Here are the Distributor/DSR numbers for July:

194 Distributors (13 in July)
1,818 Distributor Sales Reps (261 in July)
2,655 Customers Attached (491 in July)
1,882 New Operators (421 in July)
773 Existing Operators (70 in July)

Recent New Members:

Performance Food Group – Carroll County
Sysco Central Florida
Pratts Foodservice

Recent Travels (Z will soon be a platinum flyer on Northwest):

Merchants Foodservice Food Show – Alabama
Holiday Wholesale Sales Meeting – Wisconsin
Sysco Dallas Sales Meeting / P&G Promo Kick Off

(P&G’s Sysco Dallas Promo runs 7/30-9/23/07. Giving away an iPod or 10,000 points to the MA who signs up the most customers in each two week period. Has already resulted in 127 MAs creating accounts!)

Upcoming Travels:

ProGroup – Richmond, VA
Cheney Brothers – Riviera Beach, FL
Clark Foodservice Food Show – South Bend, IN

Kudos, to Unilever Distributor Account Managers whose leads have resulted in 16 new houses. If you’d like to copy this best practice, we’ll gladly help you design an internal sales promotion using the FSR platform and co-fund points.

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Dawn Scavenger Hunt

P&G’s clever Dawn Scavenger Hunt sends operators to key collateral to find hidden codes…

Want operators to visit your various web properties? Have them search for hidden reward codes as in this clever scavenger hunt promotion from Procter & Gamble.

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A variation someone should try is a “quizstakes” – using the survey tool, present operators with knowledge you’d like them to acquire about your products and ask them to answer quick quiz questions in exchange for points…

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Procter’s NRA Concert

While Jackson Browne was a big part of the draw, the way P&G positions their NRA concert as exclusive attracts more customers than a booth featuring Mr. Clean…

Procter & Gamble’s Jackson Browne concert at the 2007 NRA show was a superb alternative to exhibiting. It allowed P&G’s customers to sample products, salespeople to interact 1-on-1 with hundreds of selectively invited customers and prospects and produced a better ROI than trolling for random booth traffic on the show floor.

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Pictured left to right: Leslie Chase, Manager, Marketing Communications, Sara Lee Foodservice; Jody Dubuque, Chicago Account Executive, BI; Patty Duffey, SVP Marketing Development, UniPro; John Neupauer, Coalition Manager, FSR; Todd Crane, Division Vice President, FSR.

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Volume Bonus

Note how Procter & Gamble cleverly adds value with their quarterly BizSaver newsletter…

Copy this promotion – a stretch goal based on historical redemption trends. Note how Procter & Gamble cleverly adds value with their quarterly BizSaver newsletter.

If you’re not yet thinking about developing a DTO publication like BizSaver or Nestle’s Entertain the Senses Idea Booklet, you may be missing an opportunity.

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Try a Foodservice Rewards member survey

Custom research is easy with the tools and operator database offered through Foodservice Rewards…

Sent: Wednesday, April 18, 2007 5:10 PM
To: Younger, Sandy; Breczinski, Erin Cc: Beaudoin, Tiger
Re: Procter & Gamble Survey Results

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! This is very exciting. I just got off the phone with the ABM who runs SSP and she said, and I quote, “I feel like I just won the lottery.”

Note: We tried to do this last year with an outside vendor and they told us it was impossible, after they charged us an arm and a leg for preliminary research. I’m a little surprised by the data, but that’s why we do research, to learn. I think the information we’ve captured here not only applies to SSP but also to our overall business for PGP. I’m very excited about it.

Sandy and Erin, Thank You Both for your work on this. Please pass our gratitude to the rest of the team who helped with this survey. I’m constantly impressed on how FSR helps our business. This is a big win for us.

Thanks again! Abbey

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