4th Annual Free & Easy Party a Huge Success!

4th Annual Free & Easy Party was enjoyed by all…


The 4th Annual Free & Easy Party during NACUFS in Baltimore was a huge success!  Foodservice Rewards partnered with Foodservice Director to bring 120 College Foodservice Directors together for an evening of dining  and networking at Pazo restaurant.  Sponsors included Kraft, Rich’s, Heinz, Neil Jones Food Company and Sara Lee and many chose to showcase products during the cocktail hour.

Foodservice Rewards awarded thousands of bonus points and 1 Free MenuDirections Conference Registration to event attendees. The winners were:

  • 20,000 Bonus Points – Kyleen Lewis – West Virginia University
  • 30,000 Bonus Points – Kelvin Bergsten – Virginia Tech University
  • 50,000 Bonus Points – Debbie Griffo – Syracuse University
  • 1 Free 2015 MenuDirections Conference Registration – Bill Laychur – Pennsylvania State University

Next year’s event will be held in Indianapolis!

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FoodService Director to Partner at NACUFS

Free & Easy Ad featured in Foodservice Director Magazine…

The fourth annual Free & Easy Party will be held in Baltimore during the NACUFS Annual Conference.  This year, FoodService Director Magazine will co-host the networking dinner designed to bring the Foodservice Rewards program to life for college operators.  Below is an advertisement promoting the event which will run in the April and May issues of FoodService Director.  Sponsors this year include Kraft, Rich’s, Heinz, Sara Lee, and Neil Jones Food Company.

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Best Practice – Integrating Foodservice Rewards in Advertising

More examples of Integrated Marketing, specifically print advertising…

It’s easy to do…Sponsors leverage their Foodservice Rewards participation through-out their industry communications, especially advertising.   Here’s some 2012 examples of the Foodservice Rewards logo integrated into trade advertising (see bugs lower right or left)…

Sara Lee


Sara Lee

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MVO – Most Valuable Operator

Pareto Principle holds true with Foodservice Rewards…

“The Pareto Principle – For many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.” (Source: Wikipedia)
In Foodservice Rewards, 20% of the operators purchase 80% of our sponsor’s cases.  These high volume MOST VALUABLE OPERATORS (MVO’s) should be protected and appreciated by the manufacturers whose cases they buy.   The Foodservice Rewards team recommends:
  1. Thank them for their business
  2. Provide them with special privileges
  3. Track their purchases (red flags/green flags)
  4. Share the information with your sales teams
Pierce reviewed their experience with tracking MVO’s at the September sponsor meeting.  Here’s a few additional communication examples from Sara Lee and Nestle’ Professional Canada.
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Consumer Trends and Food Costing Help Needed

www.feedmybottomline.com is a best practice example of supporting brokers and DSR’s with on-trend product information as evidenced by this Technomic study

Tip ‘o the hat to Rick Abraham who organized another informative FSMA top2top Broker summit.

A compelling presentation was this Technomic Study on The Future of the Independent Operator, which he has kindly allowed me to share.

Among the key recommendations:

“Independents are under real pressure. They are willing to listen, so bring them solutions and best practices: menu pricing strategies, cost reduction, margin optimization, waste and yield management.”

Discussions at the conference highlighted how tricky that is to do when you’re relying on the traditional method of telling your Regional to tell his Broker Principal to tell his BSR’s to tell the Sales Manager at the house to tell his MA’s to tell their customers. If you’ve ever played Chinese whispers, you know what we mean.

Interestingly, Todd Hauser, a leading Martin Brothers DSR and panel member, spoke about how he prefers to receive .PDF files describing products so he can e-mail them on to his clients. In fact, there were audible gasps in my row as he referred to a traditional printed marketing materials as “trunk trash.”

If you want to see a best-in-class example of how to capitalize on the operator need for information and the BSR’s and DSR’s desire to deliver it efficiently, take a look at the superb job Leslie Chase and Sara Lee have done with:


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Easy as Sliced Pie

Here’s a great Sara Lee example of a new product introduction promoted via an eblast and custom landing page…

Here are all the ingredients of a successful nonbuyer trial promotion:

a solo eBlast to a select audience, combined with a custom landing page, describing the labor-saving, waste-reducing, consistency-improving benefits.

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Sara Lee + Healthcare

“This only strengthens our commitment to use Sara Lee Products…”

“To Ray Smith, Foodservice Rewards and Sara Lee,

Thank You for informing me today that I was a runner up in the Sara Lee Bakers Sweet Stakes Promotion. The 100,000 points came at the best time possible as our employee summer appreciation party is coming up and due to budget restraints this year we are not able to purchase prizes and give aways for our crew !!! Actually all we had was our former points saved and were going to use them the best possible way to obtain at least a small amount of prizes…Thanks to Sara Lee our employees will get what they truly deserve for all their hard work this year a outstanding summer appreciation party.

This only strengthens our commitment to use Sara Lee Products as we use a large variety and amount in our operation. This promotion truly shows Sara Lee’s commitment to give back to their customers.

A 5 star rating to Sara Lee and Foodservice Rewards!!!”

Thank You,

Chef Bill O’Brien, Executive Chef
Elkhart General Hospital, South Bend, IN

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Procter’s NRA Concert

While Jackson Browne was a big part of the draw, the way P&G positions their NRA concert as exclusive attracts more customers than a booth featuring Mr. Clean…

Procter & Gamble’s Jackson Browne concert at the 2007 NRA show was a superb alternative to exhibiting. It allowed P&G’s customers to sample products, salespeople to interact 1-on-1 with hundreds of selectively invited customers and prospects and produced a better ROI than trolling for random booth traffic on the show floor.

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Pictured left to right: Leslie Chase, Manager, Marketing Communications, Sara Lee Foodservice; Jody Dubuque, Chicago Account Executive, BI; Patty Duffey, SVP Marketing Development, UniPro; John Neupauer, Coalition Manager, FSR; Todd Crane, Division Vice President, FSR.

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Sara Lee Launch Collateral

Sara Lee’s cleverly named 1,000,000 point sweet-stakes give away supported their integrated launch campaign…

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Ask Amy: How are DSR enrollments doing?

“I am gathering rep lists from Distributor Program Managers and attending distributor sales meetings” writes Amy Bisek about our progress in growing the DSR incentive program…

63 houses have enrolled 345 385 DSRs. The number of linked customers is 245 293 (Updated: 5/18/06).

I’m often asked how we are promoting the DSR incentive program. In addition to running ads in ID Report, I am gathering rep lists from Distributor Program Managers and attending distributor sales meetings (Feeser’s last week, Cash-Wa in May) and based on the success of exhibiting at Ginsberg’s food show, we will now actively staff booths at other distributor food shows.

I am also building processes to improve DPM and DSR engagement. Soon distributorships will receive:

1) A post-registration How to Get Started Kit including a welcome letter, DSR enrollment fliers, How to Promote FSR at your Food Show flier (in development), and an Operator Enrollment Form.

2) Report samples that illustrate how DPMs can view real-time DSR enrollment progress online.

3) DSR enrollment notification via eMail (which cleverly acts as a reminder to follow up with the DSRs who are not yet enrolled.)

4) Monthly DPM and prospective DPM postcard mailings – this month’s announces the addition of Unilever Foodsolutions, Barber Foods, Basic American Foods and Sara Lee Bakery.

Please contact me with recommendations to improve our marketing efforts so that we can continue to create raving fans like Dan Reilly (32 customers linked) who enthuses:

“As a sales rep for Ginsberg’s Foodservice, our main marketing focus is to promote quality name-brand label manufacturer products at competitive prices. The big box chain foodservice distributors promote their own labels and incent their sales force on that fact. Ginsberg’s and I use Foodservice Rewards to give incentives to our customers through name-brand purchases. It works!!!

My customers now ask for products with the Foodservice Rewards yellow Reward Code labels attached. Any manufacturer that is not part of Foodservice Rewards is missing out on case sales and should consider signing up!”

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