ACF Chefs Gather in Las Vegas

Chefs use points for travel to the ACF Conference..

Over 1,500 chefs, cooks, students, and foodservice professionsals gathered in Las Vegas in July to network and enhance their professional development.  Foodservice Rewards had a dedicated booth which gave us a great platform to meet some of our chef customers, promote our ongoing partnership with the American Culinary Federation, and support our attending sponsors Nestle’ and Unilever.

Foodservice Community Ambassador - Chef Keith Esbin

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Best Practice – Websites Feature Foodservice Rewards

Some excellent examples of how some sponsors are leveraging Foodservice Rewards participation on their websites…

To leverage Foodservice Rewards, we recommend that sponsors communicate their participation across their marketing and sales tools.  Below are a few additional website examples from Rich’s, Unilever, Icelandic, and Pierce.

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In our deli, we only use Hellman’s Mayo

“We appreciate the fact that Unilever does the best it can through discounts and Foodservice Rewards promotions” writes Deborah Richardson…

Our family has owned Leo’s Market & Deli for the last 27 years.

We are located in Claremont N.H. and make all our own food from scratch. Some of the items are Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad, Cole Slaw, Chicken & Rice Salad, and Seafood Salad. In our deli, we only use Hellman’s Mayo. We have tried other mayo in an effort to reduce the cost. We have found that the competition is just not able to match the rich creamy taste of Hellman’s Extra Heavy mayo. We have also let our customers do a taste test with the other mayo companies and they also prefer Hellman’s. Even though it raises the cost of our product our customers also agree that it is well worth it.

We appreciate the fact that Unilever does the best it can through discounts and Foodservice Rewards promotions to lower its cost to us.

Deborah Richardson
Leo’s Deli
Claremont NH

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What Makes an Effective eBlast?

This Unilever eBlast uses all the right elements to create a compelling call-to-action…

real_whipped_salad_dressing1) A compelling offer with at least a three month time frame for participation. 2) Clear product specifications, i.e. Pail, Bag-in-Box and ideally a photo. 3) Tell them where to buy it: This terrific Unilever eBlast puts it all together, including a ask your distributor rep to custom order it through DOT foods call to action in the event it’s not in stock.

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DSR momentum builds

P&G and Unilever’s efforts in getting DSR’s signed up for the incentive have really boosted participation…

Wondering if DSR’s are excited about earning opportunities in the Foodservice Rewards distributor incentive program? Just look at this customized signature a Cheney Brothers DSR added to her emails. She also included the gift card image above (but with her personalized enrollment code).

Here are the Distributor/DSR numbers for July:

194 Distributors (13 in July)
1,818 Distributor Sales Reps (261 in July)
2,655 Customers Attached (491 in July)
1,882 New Operators (421 in July)
773 Existing Operators (70 in July)

Recent New Members:

Performance Food Group – Carroll County
Sysco Central Florida
Pratts Foodservice

Recent Travels (Z will soon be a platinum flyer on Northwest):

Merchants Foodservice Food Show – Alabama
Holiday Wholesale Sales Meeting – Wisconsin
Sysco Dallas Sales Meeting / P&G Promo Kick Off

(P&G’s Sysco Dallas Promo runs 7/30-9/23/07. Giving away an iPod or 10,000 points to the MA who signs up the most customers in each two week period. Has already resulted in 127 MAs creating accounts!)

Upcoming Travels:

ProGroup – Richmond, VA
Cheney Brothers – Riviera Beach, FL
Clark Foodservice Food Show – South Bend, IN

Kudos, to Unilever Distributor Account Managers whose leads have resulted in 16 new houses. If you’d like to copy this best practice, we’ll gladly help you design an internal sales promotion using the FSR platform and co-fund points.

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Salesforce Stock Lists

A perfect example of initiative: This Unilever salesperson has created custom stock lists featuring FSR for his distributor calls…


I wanted to pass this along. Bill Gordish has taken the initiative to create a 4 page document that shows all of the Unilever items in FSR. What a great tool for the DAMs to have while talking about the program at the distributor level!

Thanks Bill!



From: Gordish, William
Sent: Tuesday, May 22, 2007 8:57 AM
To: Zoladkiewicz, Michael
Subject: RE: FSR Stock list request

Hi Mike, yes I did and I already put it into a printable format for me to hand out to my customers with reference logo’s. See attached. Thanks!

Bill Gordish

Unilever Foodsolutions

Distributor Account Manager-Iowa


Fax 515-953-7470

Visit us at Explore our website to find a wide range of innovative products, creative merchandising ideas and extensive culinary resources.

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Combo Like Crazy

Looking to increase cross portfolio purchases? Take inspiration from Unilever’s “combo like crazy” banner advertising…

If you want to increase cross-portfolio purchases, take inspiration from Unilever’s “combo like crazy” promotion advertised with banners on the new site and landing pages – think of them as a virtual sales calls when combined with a trial or points offer.

Compare this technique to an in-person sales call (which can easily cost $300) and one begins to glimpse the power of direct marketing in Foodservice.

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Event-based communications – now easier!

These personalized Unilever print-on-demand postcards are and excellent example of “event triggered” communications…

With the introduction of print-on-demand, it’s easier than ever to recognize operator milestones and encourage new ones.

Simply provide art and set the trigger event(s) and your Coalition Manager will handle the rest. Once the rules are defined, it’s “fire & forget” – whether you are communicating with a handful of operators (or thousands!) who achieve the milestone during the specified time frame. This fact sheet details pricing.

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Best Practices, Continued

Response to Unilever’s direct mail: “My employees know if I find a reward coupon still attached to a carton in the trash, I get frustrated with them. So today, I posted the box in the stock room near the loading dock…”

Unilever Foodsolutions launched their participation with this impactful self-mailer collection box. It mails flat in a 9″ x 12″ and is assembled by operators who simply fold over the pre-adressed flap to return it full for processing.

Member Doug Corteal, President of Divito Park, recently enthused “Just a special thanks for the bonus 250 codes and the collection box. My employees know if I find a reward coupon still attached to a carton in the trash, I get frustrated with them. So today, I posted the box in the stock room near the loading dock. They promised to fill it up for me! Thanks again!”

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Automated labeling at work

“no major issues to report, just some expected minor learning curves with the new procedure” according to the Supervisor of Unilever Foodsolutions’ Bradley Woods plant when discussing reward code labeling…

Automated labeling of Unilever’s products is proceeding with “no major issues to report, just some expected minor learning curves with the new procedure” according to Ray Smith, Supervisor of their Bradley Woods facility.

Should your supply chain managers ever have questions about the labeling process, here are several helpful fact sheets: Labeling Scenarios, Label Specifications, Roll Sizes and Order Processing.

In addition, these fact sheets describe available Label Applicator Consulting and common Manual Label Applicator Models.

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