Broker MVO Training

Broker training made easy with video…

Many Foodservice Rewards sponsors are now sharing their Most Valuable Operator data with their sales and broker teams.   This information is being supplied directly into the sales teams existing Customer Relationship Management systems to make it easier to access and leverage.   To help launch the Foodservice Rewards data sharing, we’ve developed a training video to showcase how the data is seen and how it can be used.


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NACUFS and SNA Recap

A quick update on the NACUFS and SNA/ANC shows…

Here’s a quick update on the NACUFS and SNA/ANC shows. Sorry so brief, but I am busy playing catch up and getting ready for ACF that starts on Sunday.

SNA Tradeshow:

Thanks to Aaron for helping staff the Spin to Win at Rich’s booth. We had long, continuous, lines for the first 2 days. We had to ship the prize wheel to NACUFS before day 3 at SNA, but Aaron had traffic on day 3 even without the wheel. Rumor has it that the SNA conference had record breaking attendance. The majority of this segment is aware of the program, and we picked up some additional leads for new enrollments.

NACUFS Tradeshow:

Thanks to Ashleigh and Ron for helping staff the Spin to Win at Rich’s, Bunge and Perdue. We were busy at all booths on both days. They were excited to spin to win and shared with us how much they appreciate the program.

We were able to get both K-12 and NACUFS operators to do video testimonials. Lots of very positive feedback from operators. They “LOVE Foodservice Rewards” – see video for proof!!

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Now Over 40,000 Reward Choices!

The Foodservice Rewards catalog has grown exponentially and includes additional offerings from key foodservice associations.

Just in time for the holidays, Foodservice Rewards has expanded the rewards catalog to over 40,000 items!   We are using promotional videos to  garner excitement with operators.  Along with fabulous merchandise, we have partnered with NACUFS, ACF, AHF and SNA to add $50 gift checks (made out to the organization, but mailed to the operator) that can be redeemed for educational products, show registrations, and other association offerings. 
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ASMI Trains Operators on Sustainable Seafood

Congrats to Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute for leveraging the “training power” of Foodservice Rewards!

The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) is the first non-sponsor organization to use the Foodservice Rewards Learn n’ Earn program.  The Foodservice Rewards team took an existing ASMI video and turned it into a training course (click to view) to selected foodservice operators to educate them on the benefits of serving wild Alaska seafood.   Operators completing the course receive Foodservice Reward points.   ASMI recognized this tool as a cost effective way to train operators.   Attached is the fact sheet for pricing and specifications.

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NRA Show Operator Video

Foodservice Rewards interview at the 2010 NRA Show…

News from the NRA Show floor included Mike Sanson, Editor of Restaurant Hospitality Magazine, interviewing Tiger Beaudoin.

The video is being hosted on the Restaurant Hospitality website as well as being emailed out to all Restaurant Hospitality and Food Management enewsletter subscribers.

Great exposure for Foodservice Rewards – a program that delivers for the operator and manufacturer.

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Foodservice Reward Saves the Day

Find more testimonial videos like this at the social networking site:

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Cost Effective Operator and DSR Training Tool

New video training options are like YouTube + points for operators…

Studies show that retention is increased when learning is auditory, visual, and kinesthetic.  Foodservice Rewards now offers a cost effective “Learn & Earn” training vehicle that allows you to target specific operator groups or DSR’s.  Provide a 2-3 minute video and your selected “trainees” will be rewarded for answering a series of questions after watching it.  Thanks to Advance Foods for helping test this new platform and providing this demonstration.  A Learn ‘n Earn .TV Video Fact Sheet is attached for more information.

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What’s Your Social Media Strategy?

Start your own discussion threads on the FSR social network and establish your company as Subject Matter Experts…

If you haven’t begun discussion threads on the Foodservice Rewards social network, now’s the time to dip your toe in the water. The over 6,000 members have generated significant user content and questions – see, for example this discussion thread about changes to a menu.

A smart strategy might be to begin your own discussion thread – “menuing salads” or “tips for producing a perfect pizza” and establish your company as a subject matter expert. You’re welcome to experiment on our platform where there’s little or no risk before deciding what your overall corporate social media strategy will be.

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Survive, Grow, Thrive

Hormel’s successful strategy driving case sales above an established baseline is worth emulating…

hormel_survive_growIf you haven’t tried “tuning” your promotions to tough economic times, try taking a cue from this successful strategy from Hormel Foodservice.

By utilizing BI’s patented goal-setting promotion type, Hormel was able to establish and communicate individual stretch goals for each operator, based on past purchasing history. As a result, operators achieved their goals either by not “trading down” to private label brands or by buying more broadly across Hormel’s profolio.

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Will We Ever Achieve Data Transparency?

Lack of data synchronization continues to plague the foodservice industry with the demise of EFR (efficient foodservice response)…

Here’s an important industry article describing the demise of EFR (Efficient Foodservice Response) as the initiative to synchronize Foodservice Data and highlighting potential successors.

Until new solutions arrive, here’s how Foodservice Rewards helps fill the void:

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